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Blackberry, LG and iPhone Data Lost
I am enquiring on behalf of my dad who has recently lost all his business contacts on his phone. His Blackberry Q10 died last week and wouldn’t turn back on. The other problem was that his port on his phone wasn’t charging and he had problem with the buttons. The device completely went dead randomly and it hasn’t been switching on. He took it in for repair and they said it was beyond economical repair. Unfortunately he hasn’t backed up a recent enough back up of all these. Would you be able to retract the data from his phone and if so how long and what price would this range from?

Seagate Business ServerI have a lg4 phone which has developed a bootloop fault and gets stuck turning on .
I would like you to extract my WhatsApp messages ,photos and contacts from the phone. I also have an iPhone 6 was dropped into water briefly and could be turned on initially but stopped working next day and it can no longer be turned on. We would like to have data retrieved.

Seagate Business Storage Server DataVolume Failed
I have a Seagate Business Storage (see 4-Bay NAS, Model Number STBP16000200, Capacity 16 TB. I’m running it under RAID5, it uses a Linux based operating system.
Recently Drive 1 failed, so I obtained a replacement from Seagate and fitted it. The new drive installed OK but the automated recovery hoped for did not work, the Volumes / RAID section of the Control Panel shows the DataVolume has failed. According to Seagate tech support the only option is to send it away for recovery, so I’d be grateful if you could contact me with a quote.

Two quotes for you here: the phone data recovery costs will be approx £250-£400 per phone. Blackberry phones can be tricky to work with, but the costs are payable only if we recover the data. The Seagate Business Server will cost around £2000-£3500 depending on the quantity of work required to recover the data.

Written by Betty

June 22nd, 2017 at 1:32 pm

Seagate File Recovery Service

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HD Seagate Barracuda 2TB
P/N: 9VT166-570
Installed on external HD unit GoFlex Home. Can’t access data. Unit is making intermittent noise. I have replaced the control board by a working one from an identical unit and it still won’t work. It suggests a mechanical issue with the hard drive. Is it still possible to recover the data? How much would it cost?

I lost the software file disc etc due to a burglary some years ago though the external hard drive was with me at the time. I now cannot recall the password but wish to put the data from the EHD (External Hard Drive) on a new laptop. Is there a way you can get the info off the EHD for me or find a way to access it?

Seagate logoPhone in effect ‘dead’ snowing no sign of life- was dropped on a hard surface with minimal damage to hardware…. Suggestive that a software malfunctions has taken place or maybe a screen failure…. Your the people who would know not me ahah. I would love to recover the data including pictures and videos hopefully you can help :)

I have a Seagate HDD from an old computer and when I try to browse the files, some directories do not load and hang for a long time. If I try to transfer the files it is really slow. It is a 500gb SATA Seagate. Please respond if you’re able to recover and I can bring it to you, I think I have a lot of irreplacable photos on there.

I’ve had an external hard drive for years now but failed to load a few years ago. It sounded like the disc inside failed to spin – this happened when the external hard drive was plugged into my laptop, then the laptop turned off due to dead battery, then restarted the laptop with the hard drive plugged in, then it failed to load ever since. Now I’m going to be honest, I have data on there that is private and confidential and don’t want anyone seeing, anything you can do to help?

I dropped my phone on my holiday in the water and it won’t turn on and it has 3 weeks worth of holiday pictures on it, is there anything you can do to retrieve these pictures and files to my other Iphone or fix that one?

Have a 3TB Seagate drive that i ran in my QNAP NAS that is now clicking and isnt showing as bootable or viewable. Would like to retrieve the data as i think it’s a mechanical fault with the arm. Could I get a quote on how much this would cost to retrieve this data? Could you please contact me via Email as I work during the day.

My macbook pro has a hardware error and will not boot up, I don’t have a current backup and would like to recover all my data from the hard drive before I send the laptop to apple for repair. I hope you can help!

Laptop froze and now won’t restart (Windows won’t load and run). Startup repair and system recovery/restore to an earlier point won’t work either. I need Seagate hard-drive recovery as a bare minimum (assume it won’t be corrupted) as I have no back-up, but preferably pc recovery too if it’s a software prob rather than a hardware prob. PC is a 5-6 year-old Acer laptop.

Seagate External Hard Drive had been working perfectly all day, at one point I accidentally dropped it from chest height as I was repositioning my Macbook, it continued to work perfectly for another 20mins after that but then suddenly stopped. Now when I connect it to my Mac, nothing shows up. The blue light illuminates on the External Hard Drive but that’s it, I am not able to access any of the data on it. Help!

My external hard drive’s connectors are broken but hard drive itself is okay. I was wondering if there would be a way to fix it?

Note: There’s a lot of Seagate hard drives that have broken – if the data on them is valuable to you (as in these examples) get yourself a good data recovery company (see this previous post: If the data is of no value to you just buy another hard drive instead of trying to repair a faulty one.

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June 10th, 2017 at 9:57 am

Phones needing the data taking off

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I have two phones; Sony Ericsson K800i and K700i and I would like to retrieve the data from both. The K800i is alive but shows a white screen, the K700i won’t power up. Is this something you can help with?

I have a dead Galaxy SIII mobile and need to recover audio from it.
It stopped working suddenly and some of the storred data are valuable to me.
Could you help doing this and how much it cost

I’ve got an iphone6.
It is stuck on the apple logo.

I have a samsung galaxy A3 on which I unfortunately have broken the screen.
I believe it is only the screen which is broken.
I would very much like to save my photos from the telephone. Is this something you could help me with, and in the case for how much?

Also I have an external harddisk, which won’t connect properly to any computer (I have tried a coupe, both MAC and PC).
When I plug in the harddisk I am able to view the properties of the harddisk, but I am not able to view the content.
I have data on the harddisk, which I would really much like to save – and perhaps fix the harddisk – but must important for me, is to save the data!

I dropped and smashed my iPhone 6
I’m desperate to recover my photos. A local repair shop said it’s beyond them as there is a problem with the motherboard and it could be any of the thousands of CPS that have been damaged. I hope that makes more sense to you than it does me!
I thought I was backed up to the cloud, my husband says I couldn’t have been, as he can’t access it for me, my only hope is that my photos are still on my badly damaged phone.
The photos are of my children and cakes for my business, I can’t express how desperate I am to save them. I really hope you can help.

I have a pocket sized portable Western Digital external hard drive (2012model) with high speed USB connection to mini-B 5 pin connection. When plugged the hard drive spins 3 times and powers down – it seems the HD it is trying hard to read but cant The light on the hard drive is on constantly too but HD icon does not appear on the computer screen. Can you help fix this? I can drop it into the London branch tomorrow (Monday lunchtime) if that suits?

Written by Betty

May 26th, 2017 at 2:16 am

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More Data Recovery in Manchester

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Since my post some time ago regarding the data recovery job for Manchester mortgage advisers, I’ve had several more enquiries from people and businesses in Manchester.
Here are some of them:

Manchester photographDrive fell on the floor. Since then simply stopped working. When plugged activity light is off.
Brand Toshiba
Item model number PX1396U-3T01
Form Factor 3.5
Hard Drive Size 1026 GB. I’m hoping you can retrieve the information as it contains a mortgage application that I’m hoping won’t be turned down, as I’ve had previous difficulties in getting a mortgage since moving to Manchester.

A friend of mine has an iPhone that has over heated while charging on an in car charger. It now wont start up. It hasn’t been backed up and we need to recover text messages and whats up conversations. Is this something you can help with and do you have a ball park price for repairs?

Seagate Barracuda 2000GB
Model: ST2000DM001
PN: 1CH164 – 301
FW: CC24
CCB: 10068765B REV C
This hard drive has suffered an incident, initially I thought the PCB had overheated where it had been left on continuously in its external Docking station for about 5 or 6 days.
I had saved a spare PCB board with exactly the same spec from a previous drive, before I destroyed the remaining components.
I interchanged the PCB board with my spare, this made no difference to the initial fault.
Further inspection revealed that one finger of the Read-Write arm was damaged, and had obviously got caught up on something.
the flexible flat wire plate has the following label with these numbers on it: – FNHK 67 and GD4-B & AG-R
The actuator itself has the following numbers stamped in it: – T12M3M & 1251
What I’m after is all the necessary parts to replace the damaged Read-Write arms.
There doesn’t appear to be any visible damage to the top platter, it doesn’t look as if it has suffered any form of scratching or marking anywhere within the travel scope of the tiny magnet in the end of the read-write arm.

My harddrive has stopped working, was using a mac earlier today and then suddenly it stopped working and vanished, my stuff disappeared. Went onto my hp laptop and everytime I used it it kept freezing. I have all my house buying and uni documents on and need to get them back. Can we pop into the store in Manchester?

Our epos system runs on an old Windows 2003 Server and Microsoft SQL database. We have been having terrible problems with it freezing the last couple of weeks to the point now where it is unusable. We have a new epos system in the pipeline but are not quite ready to go live with it. Ideally we’re looking for someone who is capable of extracting data from our SQL database so we can have a clean spreadsheet of customers / stock etc to import in to our new system.

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May 4th, 2017 at 3:15 pm

Phones Lost Data

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iphonesIn this post we look at getting files and other information retrieved from various iPhones and an HTC M9.
My iPhone 3gs will not turn on. Its stuck in the reboot mode. I would like my notes & voice recordings recovered.

My iPhone6 ran out of storage (12,000 photos sitting on there). I managed to back up some photos manually to iCloud but not all were uploaded. My phone is now stuck in recovery mode (telling me to restore) and there are many recent photos on there that I’d really like to save. I’m assuming it won’t turn on because there is no space left. Is there any option left for me to save my photos and not restore?

My iPhone 5 won’t turn on no matter what I try and I was hoping to get back my photos of family events that are on there

Need to recover images from phone for a time-sensitive project. Phone has cracked screen although touch buttons still work, the phone screen doesn’t turn on properly. It will go through various shades of colours from bright purples and pinks to blues. I was under the impression all of the images I saved were on my sdcard but turns out the ones I saved and then moved in to folders were saved on the phone and it is these that I need. I have tried plugging it into my laptop but it doesn’t come up in Windows, I think this is because of how I chose to connect to my computer previously? I did manage to get the screen to work long enough to turn on usb debugging but that didn’t make a difference

My HTC M9 is stuck on the boot screen and will not let me access any of the boot options without getting stuck in a continual loop. I have hundreds of photo’s, videos and other content that I need to recover before I send the phone to HTC for repair. Can you let me know how you can help and the cost involved.

iPhone 6s water damaged. Looking to recover photos, nothing else

Can you restore what’s app messages, text messages, Instagram messages and the call history please?

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April 21st, 2017 at 1:23 pm

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Hard Drive Recovery

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In this post I list some of the most popular hard drive recovery questions submitted to me over the last week:

mac hard drive recoveryMacBook Pro Laptop Hard Drive Failing. After reading your website I’m pretty sure it’s a mechanical fault, I can remember hearing a ticking noise. I dropped the laptop a couple of days before it failed.
I’ve had it checked by Apple and they confirmed that I’m going to need a new hard drive. Ideally I would want my pictures and documents recovered – not too fussed about the rest.

My Iphone 6 s has damaged and I need to recover data from it

I have a USB hard drive which has stopped working. All computers/laptops cannot recognize it. A day before, it was working perfectly fine. I am currently stressed because it contains university documents which I need by the end of the week.
Could you please help me as I am desperate.

I have deleted some messages on my phone which I need to retrieve. My phone is a Samsung s6 edge and I do not back up my phone. Is this something you might be able to recover. The messages were deleted on the 4th to the 7th March

External Seagate drive does not start up at power. Data copy to cloud.
Approximate copy price and the time required, if I deliver Drive myself?
Drive is new. New adaptor tried – no power up.

Are you able to replace my iphone 6 16GB flash drive for a larger one? I know this is a highly complex operation.

I have a 500Gb portable external Toshiba hard drive. it dropped onto a wood floor from a table, the case is undamaged but now have the dreaded clicking noise and cannot be read on a PC or Mac. I can drop it personally into the Lapworth, Solihull location on Friday afternoon as I will passing that way.

I’ve got a samsung note 2 which doesn’t recharge any more. I’ve tried changing the battery but that’s not working either but I desperately want the contacts and photos of it. Can you help me please.

My SSD (Kingston Technology 480GB Solid State Drive V300 SATA 3) has totally ceased being detected. the drive had been reporting 1% life in SMART checks basically since it was new, which I foolishly ignored. There’s about 4 months of music data I’d love to get back. Any hope for me? can you speculate a price range if there is?

LG G4 – suddenly won’t turn on. Tried all available methods of recovering the data myself but cannot get anything to see the phone. I need to get EVERYTHING that was on the phone.

I have a faulty 128GB Kingston V-Series SSD Hard Drive that needs data recovered. I am not sure about the exact size of the data, but it is somewhere in the region of 1000 “.doc/.docx” files, probably somewhere around 5-10GB of data.
Could you provide an approximate quote for this recovery?
Also, from your experience do you know if data can get corrupted during the recovery process?

I have a customer with a WD10JMVW External Hdd. It looks to have a failed PCB. It looks to fail the initilisation, just ticks a few times and then stops.
I am near your Lombard office on friday, is there any chance on getting a quote for me to drop it off please?

The light on the WD hard drive is blinking sounds like the disk is spinning inside & can’t see the drive on the laptop

We have a QNAP TS-412U with x4 Seagate Barracuda 3TB drives, set up as Raid 5. Three of the drives have failed, detailed below:
Drive 0 – Bad blocks
Drive 1 – Bsy NO ID, needs heads
Drive 2 – Bsy NO ID, needs heads
Drive 3 – Perfect, nothing wrong with it
Are you able to provide a quote to retrieve the data and potentially replace the drives please?

My hard drive has been dropped and is making a ticking noise.
I cannot access any information.
LG 2.5” External HDD HXD2 320GB
How can I send this to you for you to try to repair or at least retrieve the data?

I have a Freecom Classic SL 160Gb external hard disk (manufacture year 2005).
This has been faulty for some time and now requiring file recovery (or attempt too). It initially started with clicking when trying to spool or get up to speed and eventually fully stopped when I tried to backup the files (it may have over heated).
With power attached there is no activity or attempt to do anything. Neither does it show when laptop connected.
I had tried a local repair centre maybe a year back who took a look but said it would require sending off to a specialist (I presume they just tried with an external caddy) for data recovery.
I’m based in Bracknell, Berkshire, so ideally would like to have someone local.

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March 28th, 2017 at 10:01 am

Datlabs for hard drive recoveries

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I have 2 N0 ex hard drives which are faulty. having used them for recording progs I am unable to playback the recordings.
It would be a blessing if these could be recovered then have them both put back to proper working order.
Perhaps you can e-mail me with details of a good data recovery service and address where to send them.

Recently my laptop just won’t boot and I keep getting an error code, I have tried my best to try and solve the issue however it just didn’t work. My final step is to reinstall windows again but that would mean all the data would be gone. Therefore is it possible to recover the data within the hard drive first so that I can get some old photos and some coursework that I didn’t back onto the cloud.

Hard Drive was dropped from about 10cm from the floor. Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 3tb. Makes buzzing noise for about 10 seconds after plugging into Laptop then it runs perfectly fine. Although my Macbook Pro (Mid 15′ 2.2 GHz 1.7 Intel) is not reading the hard drive on finder and also on disk utility. I want to transfer all the data on the Seagate Back Plus to my Seagate Expansion 4tb.

My seagate 1tb external hard drive , which is only 9 months old, has failed me. And with it have gone all my photos of my son. I have been told it is a mechanical failure so I need to find somebody qualified to do this type of retrieval of data. I see that you do , and you specialise in seagate. Please can you advise what cost I am looking at and how to go about getting it repaired ?

The drive is a Samsung M3 portable 1 TB external hard drive. I was working on it over the weekend when it crashed and then just stopped being recognised by the computer. When I plug it in the light still comes on and it comes up in devices and printers but doesn’t show in my computer and I can’t access the files.

Purchased from BT as 1 of 4 drives in a Buffalo external hard drive. The menu indicated a fault, this drive clicks. I would like the drive repaired if possible with data restored.

I accidentally deleted a phone recording on my storm k phone. Need it for work. Any chance of recovery? I was using total recall software app.

please help me! i dropped my laptop and now it goes to reboot page and hard drive makes a noise! i need the data :(

A broken desktop computer had a internal harddrive: a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 360GB SATA harddrive. After removal I attempted to read it externally via a SATA usb cable but I was unsuccessful: Windows said the device had 0gb and told me to ‘insert a disk’ when trying to read it, even though I could see it in devices. It either had insufficient power or I was doing something wrong. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to read the data (either if there is any hardware that can read it). If you offer services, can I ask for a estimated cost please. Thanks for any help in advance.

I dropped my iPhone 7 and it turned off, it wont come back on and I haven’t backed it up for 3 months! Could you recover the data?

I have an 256GB 850EVO SSD that I used to boot Windows 10. This has randomly stopped being recognised by the mainboard. I can’t see this drive in the BIOS. I have tried using different data and power cables and trying different ports on the motherboard.

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March 10th, 2017 at 2:28 pm

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Phones Broken, Drives Dead

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This post we look at some customer submitted questions regarding broken phones and dead hard drives. Do you have a problem similar to this? Follow the links for useful advice

broken phonemy LG G4 died and needs to be replaced. Before doing that, I would like to recover what is saved on the hard drive. Could you give me an approximate idea of how much that might cost me?
I’d be grateful for a response via email as my broken phone is the matter of this inquiry and I’m therefore not able to use it for phone calls.

apple iPhone stuck in re boot mode……..need addresses and photos recovering.

Toshiba hard drive broke, I bought a new one and swapped the read write needle but now it’s making a ticking noise and a squeakin noise, also my computer will not recognise it. Can you get the data from the disk?
Do you offer a postal service, I live in Oxford or do you have a local contact in Oxford.

I need to transfer some Microsoft Word files fro a 3.5 inch, double sided, high density 2.0 MB floppy disk. Do you provide this service?

My 64GB normal SD Kingston card became unreadable for both of my computers. I’ve got very important files on it and I’afraid I might lose them. Do you provide any student prices for our services?

An old 2008 Samsung R510 with a 500GB SATA HDD. That HDD must already replaced from the OEM 160GB HDD. (and yet they do not do back-ups –> tsk, tsk.)
Drive does not boot inside the R510 but clicks, and stutters, etc. I was able to mount the drive via USB external drive caddy and read file structure, and copy some files to my MacBook via but the pictures directory is the one they are after and it has 5,000+ across 28 directories. (about 30-40 GB)
I believe they need your services if they want those pictures.
If I try to copy the photos in bulk it copies a few and then times out on pictures and it gives up.
I did not look at the spec, but I assume it is seagate or western digital HDD.
What is the procedure to deal with this and assumed cost so I can pass it on?
Then they can put this episode behind them, and learn to do backups.
Thanks for your help. They are in Dover… but I have friends in Ashford… so dropping off is not a problem.

my hard drive is toshiba 1tb on 32 chanel chiness dvr,the dvr data is on the hard drive i saw it on to dvr
i want to collect 24 camera data to my computer ,when i open the hard drive to dvr.and conect my pc sayas unallocate space then i shutdown my pc.
and reconnect the hard drive on to dvr auto matic formated stared i then shut down the dvr.
i really want the data 24 chanel camera data
how can i get the data
or how can i collected the data by softwaer

External hardrive contains a backup of my MAC hardrive which no longer works. Tried to copy over backup to my new laptop and it was not working. Hardrive not showing up in Finder but will show in Disk Utility. Possibly corrupted?

I have external Seagate FreeAgent Goflex SN.NA0B2DH2 hard disk. My Hard Disk doesn’t detect on any system ,however I had given it to one of the local shop to check and his conclusion was that it has a start up problem, and needs to be sent to professional .I would like to know the cost of your services and how to go about it.

WD Passport Ultra 2TB USB3 External HD
Device dropped flat from a height of approx 120cm
Unfortunately, attempted to determine if damage to data occurred by connecting it in and the device was not recognized – not even as an unknown device.
The platters did appear to spin up, as vibration/humming could be felt and was audible
Disconnected when a “zap” was heard, similar to when an external HD resets or is having power failures

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February 22nd, 2017 at 1:11 pm

Damaged Phones – Need Data Recovering

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Here a selection of posts from people with damaged and broken phones, all needing to get their data off of their devices. Please note, if you are in the UK, we recommend Data Clinic’s phone recovery services at We used them several times ourself with great success

Phone suffered water damage c.4 days ago. Despite taking to a repair shop, it still does not turn on beyond lights flashing.
I would like to be able to recover data from apps, notes, calendar, messages, contacts, but in particular photos.

Phone won’t switch on or stuck on boot screen. Lg G4 out of warranty

iphone falling into watermy iPhone 5 fell into water.
I waited for 24 hours then switched it on but it got stuck on the Apple screen. Tried recovery mode to no avail. Went into DFU mode to to reinstall/update firmware using recovery software, but the process failed. I need to recover the photos on the device.

Hi Motorola RAZR v3i problem is that my husband went to get photo’s developed @tesco photo kiosk but I think he selected move as the photos were not there and kiosk didn’t receive them it’s really important that we get them as it’s the only photo of my husband and our son that was stillborn on 19 April 2009. Haven’t touched phone since. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Louise

I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone that just went dead and now i am unable to get the photos stored on the phones internal memory off. What can I do???

I do have my samsung galaxy s3 which doesnt work (had drop it around 2 years ago and phone doesnt work at all) would like to get my family photos from it. Is it possible? What is average price for that kind of service? Please send me an email.

My phone got run over and I can’t recover the photos from it, I have a new phone which has reinstalled app data etc. The phone is still sort of working because lights are on etc, but screen and cover are completely squashed. Could you let me know how much it would cost to recover the photos please? Also if you would be able to do so before Friday as my insurance company are collecting the phone then.

Have a LG G4 that will not boot up, I have about 800 photos on it that I would like recovering. Is this something you could do and can you give me a price please.

iPhone is Stuck on Apple Logo:
– I have already chatted with an Apple representative about this (it crashed while downloading an app – it was low storage but not too low for the app to be installed)
– Apple representative thinks that the device must be restored but I only have data backed up until July
– Would like to have data backed up from the phone if possible
– How long will this take?
– What is the estimated cost for the data recovery service?

I am asking this question on behalf of an elderly friend who needs help. He says he has an I Phone, provider is 3. He has for months been getting deeply upsetting text messages which he has deleted many off and abusive voice mails which he says he has saved on the phone.To protect himself he needs to have those voice mails saved to disc and if possible those text messages recalled/saved to disc? Is this possible please?

Written by Betty

January 27th, 2017 at 6:22 pm

Toshiba laptop and other problems

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Z830-1OT with a SSD that has failed. I have a lot of photos that are saved to the desktop. The laptop is totally dead, it will switch on but wont load past the front black screen with some white writing. Is this a device you can work with to potentially recover data from? Can you outline all costs i would need to pay too?

Rather than try and fix the problem myself I gathered up all my faulty equipment and sent it off too the hard drive experts at I’ve listed some of the other problems and symptoms below.

When my phone has battery it constantly is rebooting on a continuous loop until the battery runs out, meaning I cannot access my phone. This happened after I downloaded the Qantas Entertainment app whilst on holiday. I have taken a fair few photos whilst on holiday and ideally I would like to obtain these back, as well as others that I had not yet backed up. Would it be possible to retrieve these photos?

Was dropped, hard drive comes up but says folders are empty when there not. Still connects and comes up on the computer but files won’t load. Samsung Hard drive, 1TB. Took a small drop whilst connected. Now not recognised by laptop and beeps/ticks briefly when connected.

I have a WD hdd drive (WD10TMVV)
The HDD is no longer recognize by computer.When attached, it spin for a while then become silent. i want to know the cost of data recovery for this device

I just got back from holiday and accidentally deleted half my photos from my Android phone’s internal memory (Samsung Galaxy J5). I read this can be recovered by rooting the device and then using data recovery software. I haven’t been able to root the phone. Could you let me know if you could do this and quote me a cost for the recovery. Please respond via email as I’m not using my phone where possible.

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January 10th, 2017 at 8:05 pm

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Phone and PC Problems

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I have a MacBook Pro and my hard drive has failed it just clicks and doesn’t seem to be reading. I have information I need to retrieve from the drive. Its a Toshiba MK5065GSXF.
The drive has been removed and replaced by a solid state drive but I need my files off the hard drive urgently. Can you help?

My USB HDD just suddenly stopped working. Cant remember knocking it or anything. No noise comes out of it either. My laptop (macbook) does not recognize it at all but other USB’s are working fine on the laptop.

phone not booting up - photoiPhone 6 was left in clothing which was put in a washing machine, it was fully charged and on at the time. screen is badly cracked and power has shorted out. There are photos and videos on there of high sentimental value which have not been backed up, and I would very much like for them to be recovered. Please contact me if you cannot reach me on mobile, as I may not have switched SIM card over yet.

Our IT Support company – Eitex have referred me to you. I have a Samsung external hard drive that has stopped working. What do I need to do to get it booked in? Would you be able to pick it up from them?

Recommendation: The people at provided a great recover service to this person who sent in this enquiry: Photos deleted by accident from iPhone 5 and also cleared from the recently deleted folder. Phone has been on airplane mode since the accident and no other data added to phone.

My laptop hard-disk with some important data just crashed. First, Laptop dint detected HDD and heard a click noise. I took to a service centre and got HDD removed. As suggested by the laptop service centre, I had given to STELLAR for professional recovery. But they were unable to recover due to scratch made by the HDD head on the platter. Now what I am looking is those professional recovery services that could recover data from such physical damaged (Scratched) HDD.
Laptop: Hewlett-Packard Sleek book 4
OS: windows 10
Capacity: 500GB
Media: Hard Disk,Laptop
Serial No.: 130419TM8514ZNK5TV3R
Model No.:HTS75450A7E380,HGST
Cause Of Damage: Physical, Due to scratches on lower side of the platter
Please do send me an estimate.
Measures to take before I courier you my hard-disk.

Written by Betty

December 12th, 2016 at 2:24 pm

About Phone and Disks

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I have an LG G4 mobile phone handset (bought as part of a contract August 2015).
At 2am 27th November it began bootlooping, which thanks to google I have learnt is a known fault with the phone. I have yet to go into the shop I got it from to see my options with them, however from forum posts they seem to send out a replacement handset/hard reset the phone and send it back
Stupidly I had my photos split over an sd card and internal memory, with most of them on the internal phone memory (along with all my numbers saved to the phone too).

Several different mobile phonesThere are some really sentimental photos on there that I know aren’t on my SD card, and am desperate to get them!
Due to the known fault, I am unable to get a laptop to recognise my phone as a device through the USB connection and cannot get them off myself
1 – is it possible for you to get them as it is now, or after a hard reset
2 – how much would it be?
Thank you

Hi My iphone 5s is stuck in DFU mode. There is on file (voice record) i need to save if still possible. apart from that i just need to get the phone going again. Please no call back, as the phone doesn´ work-

The HDD area of my work laptop took a knock whilst powered and working. It continued to work for a few minutes after but then froze and required a reboot. It emitted a BEEP sound upon reboot and never makes it to the Windows login but tells me:
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change may be to blame.
Then it moves to a screen saying Windows is loading files….
Then moves to a blue windows screen but is unresponsive.
The HDD is a Seagate Momentus 5400.6, 250GB.
My IT department have installed a new HDD in my laptop but as I hadn’t backed up the old one for several weeks I would be interested in recovery if possible/cost effective.
Would appreciate email response initially as I cannot take calls at the moment.
I am based relatively local and could bring the HDD in on Wednesday.
Can you provide an indication of cost associated with the recovery and/or any guarantee offered?

I have taken my hard drive to an IT repair person, whose equipment stated it was 55% damaged and his equipment was unable to recover any files. He told me there may be more specialist equipment that can recover them. It’s a 320 GB hard drive and has been removed from the laptop. Could you give me an idea of how much this would cost? If you could drop me an email, that would be great. Kind regards, Katrina

I dropped my Seagate 2TB external hard-drive the other day and now it’s not powering on at all. I’m not sure if the drive itself is scratched or if it’s not able to power up. There’s no light coming on when I plug the power in, so assumed it was a power problem.
Do you think you would be able to take a look at it if possible?
An email response would be better than a phonecall if possible, thank you.

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November 30th, 2016 at 11:23 am

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Data Recovery Tips

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Hi does anyone have any data recovery tips for fixing and retrieving the data from these devices?
I used the blogs posts of the Data Recovery Tips web site ( for information.

Laptop dropped and picked up and carried on being worked on ok until the machine was power cycled when it wouldn’t come on.
Removed and plugged hard drive into another machine mounted in a USB adapter. Lots of stuff was successfully copied (or seemed to be: 50 out of 10k files are known to be cropped/partially copied, though the rest were confirmed to be successfully copied).
This then stopped working after a few hours.
I’m looking for a quotation, (cost if successful recovery of majority of data, cost if no recovery), and information on data protection & privacy procedures due to the personal financial information etc stored on the machine.

Apple Macbook ProI have a seagate 500gb portable hard drive and it’s not working at all. It’s makes noises when plugged into the usb port but it can’t be read at all. I would like to know if you could recover the data on it and how much it would cost.

Connected with mini usb, will not work. Just need data off.

Original hard drive in a mid-2009 15″ MacBook Pro (250Gb) failed with computer not booting. Apple shop confirmed the hard drive failed. Drive spins with no obvious clicking noises and I’ve performed some preliminary runs using PhotoRec which is able to recover some files and reports some bad sectors. I’m looking for a rough idea of prices, timescales and what you require.

I use an apple time capsule to make recovery back ups of my MacBook Pro. For some reason it has become corrupted and I can no longer access any old backups even though the disk is full of info still. The sparse bundle is locked and cannot be mounted and I don’t seem to be able to repair it. Do you think you can recover the old backups…there is 2 ½ years worth of backups on it.

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November 8th, 2016 at 11:14 am

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Hard Drive and Phones Not Working

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Buffalo Hard Drive Dropped

Buffalo HD LXU3 hard drive photoI have a Buffalo HD-LXU3 external hard drive (I think 2TB) that was unfortunately dropped whilst moving house. It now simply doesn’t turn on.
Roughly how much would it cost to recover the data from the drive? Do you still charge if recovery is unsuccessful?

Uh-oh, dropping a hard drive is never a good thing, and moving house is a time when many things are dropped and broken. If the whole unit doesn’t power on as you say then perhaps the power supply is damaged. If this is correct, then all you need to do is remove the hard drive from its case and attach it directly to a computer via a SATA-to-USB cable. If the hard drive is working you’ll then be able to read the data from the hard drive. If this doesn’t work then your external hard drive has a more severe problem and you will need to get in touch with a data recovery company. Some data recovery places do not charge if they are not able to recover your data. Other will charge a small handling fee which covers their costs whilst others will charge the whole amount whether or not they can recover your data.

Nokia 925 Phone Freeze

My Nokia 925 stopped backing up my data many months ago when it updated its software. The phone started getting really hot whenever I plugged it into my car charger, and eventually the phone would freeze, especially if I was used a navigation app. The only way to get it to start again was with a soft restart. The battery seemed to hold less and less charge. One day I attached it to my computer to try to back it up, the computer recognized it for about 5 seconds, then the phone went off and has never come back on again, even though the windows icon flashes when it is plugged in. I brought it to a cell phone repair shop, and they tried to put in a new battery, but the phone still won’t start and when the new battery is plugged in the windows icon won’t even flash.

Although the Nokia 925 Lumia was released about 3 years ago, it is well supported. My advice would be to seek out a phone recovery company and see if they can help to retrieve the data. Phone data recovery is a specialist form of data recovery, which is primarily for recovering the data from computer hard drives. Not all data recovery companies can rescue the information from phones though so be sure to check with them before you send your phone in.

Seagate No Longer Detected

My Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB drive is no longer detected by Windows after it was knocked onto the floor. Can hear a beeping sound follow by no spinning noise. Windows detects the drive in Device Management but not in explorer or Drive Management. No computer can get the drive to appear in Explorer. There should be no less than 300GB of data on the drive.

It’s not surprising that your Seagate drive is no longer detected. The beeping noise tells me that the drive is being physically prevented from spinning as a result of it being knocked to the floor. Stiction or a broken motor are the things that could prevent the hard drive spinning. It’s not important to find out which of these problems your hard drive has. Both problems are sufficiently complicated that they require a data recovery company to sort them out if retrieving the data is important.

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October 14th, 2016 at 11:49 am

Data Clinic’s Local Data Recovery Offices

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The people at Data Clinic were kind enough to recently  restore the data from an external hard drive of mine that I’d dropped. Rather that charge me for their work they asked me to write a blog post about their local data recovery offices, so what I’ve done is to contact each Data Clinic office and ask them for some locally submitted questions about hard drive recovery. I’ve picked one per office so you can read typical questions about the types of faults people have on hard drives and phones.


External hard drive (Seagate Backup Slim Plus 2TB) dropped. Beeping sound audible when plugged into USB port. However, device not recognised by disk management. Tried different cables and PCs. I want to retrieve the data from the drive. Would like a data recovery quote and noticed you are based in Liverpool. I travel daily into the centre of Liverpool from Aigburth, (i actually live on Aigburth Road) so it’s quite convenient.

Bury, Manchester

I think someone has either dropped or pulled out my hard drive without ejecting properly. I thing its a mechanical failure as when plugged in it makes a buzzing noise then does nothing. I have tried it in several computers and no have recognised them. I am based in Wythenshawe in Manchester and can drive to your offices in Bury Manchester could you take a look at my hard drive while I wait?


WD 3TB hard drive, dropped, drive engages, lights active. Does not connect to computer or appear in device manager. Seeking quote for repair, however most likely I see you have a data recovery lab in Sheffield (, so therefore seeking clarification of costs and process? Assuming own replacement hard drive will need to be purchased before recovery can occur. I can all in at your Sheffield office tomorrow and leave the hard disk with you. I am in Chesterfield an know where the Portergate is so it should only take me about 20 minutes to get there.


Hard drive in my MacBook Pro (c.2012) stopped working (Grey screen with flashing file with ? in it). Had the hard drive replaced, but then technician had a problem transferring data from my old hard drive to the new one. I took it to another technician and he couldn’t access the data. I think both places have clicked on ‘repair drive’ and there haven’t seemed to be any problems with the hard drive itself, but I still cannot access the data. Could you have a look at the hard drive and see if you can access the data and transfer it to my computer’s new hard drive? I have so many photos/videos that mean a lot to me on that hard drive and I would love them back. I am near your Lombard store in London and can drop the hard drive in to you around 5.45 this evening? I am intending to catch the Tube to Bank and then proceed to Lombard Street on foot.

London 2
I have a fairly old WD external drive which has stopped connecting to my computer. I have tried it on a number of computers and with a number of USB cables but it is still not being recognised. I work near London Bridge not far from your Lombard Street Recovery Office.


Hard drive contained/s over 33k of music files, photos, software and more. Drive was recently disconnected from my PC (Windows XP, SP3) and connected to a TV to watch a large movie file. Upon reconnection to the PC, the hard drive fails to appear upon connection and displays no files. I have tried to use ‘EaseUS Data Recovery‘ software, but my PC lacks processing power and raised a .virtual memory’ issue before halting the recovery process. I need a quote and timeline for diagnostics and recovery support…
I sent the drive away to be recovered, but where my home PC found 5 million files/data packets, the company found 80k, and the majority of them were unknown file formats. I asked the company not to complete an extraction as I was told to contact your data recovery centre in Northampton</>. Is it in the centre of Northampton? I am quite close on Moulton and also drive to Kettering too.
I am waiting for the drive to be returned from Wales, do you think you can help? I am keen to recover the music and the photos/memories.


My laptop hard drive broke down and has since been fixed, however I have lost all of the data and would like it to be restored. As my son lives in Sparkhill I took it a Birmingham data recovery company who reported “Unfortunately on this occasion it has not been possible to recover data from the failed hard disk drive. Today the HDD was opened and the platters were examined. There is obvious physical damage to the platter.”


Deleted all photos from Samsung Galaxy (thought they were all backed up on google cloud but they weren’t). I haven’t take any new photos since so I’m hoping I will still be able to recover them? Also, my iphone frezeed after I switched it off start getting very hot after 30min cooled down, since that is dead. Apple said thay can replace the phone but I will loose all my pictures and videos is any chance to retrive all my data about 45GB. I live in Edinburgh’s Exchange district but work near your hard drive recovery centre in Glasgow – is it ok for me to call in? If so, what time do your Woodside Place offices open?


On Mon 19 Sep, factory data reset was accidently invoked on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (64 GB) and when restarted I had lost all my data including Photos. Using online available tools I attempted self recovery of files but can only get my list of Contacts back. My phone is unlocked and rooted with SuperSU. Developer Options set to ON and USB debugging is selected.
Phone Details:
Model: Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge 64GMy phone is unlocked and rooted with SuperSU. Developer Options set to ON and USB debugging is selected.
Phone Details:
Model: Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge (64GB)
Model Number: SM-G925V
Android Version: 5.0.2
Build No. LRX22G.G295VVRU1AOC3
Network: EE
I wish to recover as many family photos/videos as possible from the phone. I live quite locally in Pudsey, West Yorkshire and if I get the phone to your Leeds data recovery office on Gelderd Road would you be able to look at it and retrieve the data for me please?

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September 26th, 2016 at 9:46 am

Manchester Mortgage / Hard Drive Broker Service

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Recently we received an interesting hard drive recovery enquiry from Alice who works for a well known Manchester finance / broker advisor. She was in a bit of a panic as her computer had developed a problem and her files (that contained a lot of information about how to get a mortgage in Manchester) were no longer visible. These file were Alice’s work so it was vitally important that we got them back for her.

Additionally, most of Alice’s life was contained on this hard disk and before she sent it in to us for recovery she want assurance that we’d be able to rescue her files. Alice had recently taken out a large mortgage and as the broker had provided such as good service to her she also wanted to pass the details of this company along to her friends and colleagues. This information was also saved to her hard drive. We collected the computer from her home.

After assessing the problem (we diagnosed the computer as having a hard disk fault as described on, we were able to tell Alice we were confident and assured her that her life was safe and we would be able to complete the recovery of her files.

The file recovery took the best part of two days to complete and after this her mortgage information files were accessible again. We had been successful in recovering her information and her job and life were now assured.

I asked Alice what was more difficult, getting a mortgage or getting data off of a broken hard drive. She assured me that getting a mortgage doesn’t need to be all that difficult, you just need to find a decent mortgage advisor or broker. There are several of these in Manchester, including the firm that I’ve linked to high up this in this article. Like getting a mortgage, hard drive recovery doesn’t need to be difficult either, but it can be if you choose the wrong company to use. Computer Science Labs were able to retrieve Alice’s mortgage files but this may not have been true if we’d have taken her computer somewhere else to have the contents recovered.

So whether you are looking for a mortgage or hard drive recovery in the manchester region always make sure you choose a good a reputable suppler who is assured to complete the job.

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September 12th, 2016 at 11:38 am

Hard Drive Recovery Q & A

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Seagate Expansion hard disk driveThere follows a hard drive recovery question and answer post containing some of the questions I’ve received from my Recover Deleted Data data recovery site.

  • Help I need a hard drive recovery service: It’s a Seagate Expansion drive, which is still in warranty (July 2015). When connected to a laptop, it has power, but it doesn’t mount and the disks don’t spin. When first connected it makes short buzzing sounds for a few seconds and then stops.
    • A buzzing sound coming from a hard drive when it is powered up suggest to me that the hard drive has a serious problem. Either the motor that rotate the platters has seized, or (more likely) the hard drive has stiction. Stiction is where the read heads of the hard drive become stuck to the platter and prevent the hard drive from rotating. This is caused by static friction, thus the term “stiction”. Stiction can be difficult to deal with as it is essential to free the heads of the hard drive before the platter will start rotating again. This can destroy the heads of the hard drive meaning that new heads then have to be fitted to the hard drive before the data can be read. You can expect to pay between £500 and £800 for a data recovery service such as this.
  • Computer won’t recognise external hard drive. Western digital WD2500XMS-00. Looking to diagnose problem, and or recover data. Hard Drive spins up then makes a clunking sound. Sometimes it is recognised in Windows, but mostly not.The Hard Drive was used as an external drive and has no Operating System installed on it.
    • A clunking sound indicates that the hard drive has a mechanical fault, meaning that replacement parts are necessary before it will be possible to rescue the files from the drive. This is quite a severe hard drive fault and I recommend that you seek out a specialist data recovery company to recover the data for you. Don’t attempt to do this yourself, and steer well clear from computer shops in your town centre as they won’t have the experience or the tools necessary to perform this job.

These are just two problems with hard drives – there are of course many others, I chose these one’s as they are quite common. If you do have an issue with your hard drive have a look at the Recover Deleted Data web site as it does have some useful information and links to appropriate service providers.

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September 1st, 2016 at 12:05 pm

Hard Disk Recovery Enquiries

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Buffalo LinkStation hard disk drive photoI am from the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge and had been recommended by Nigel to contact you about data recovery from a HDD. In brief I have a Bufferlo DriveStation HD-LUX3 (3TB) and it had these symptoms leading me to believe that the partition table is corrupt with potential hardware problems.

1) can be powered on, disk spinning inside.

2) windows 10 initially can detect a USB device but partition is RAW

3) recovery software (e.g. TestDisk) can detect HDD with correct capacity (3000GB) and can initially detect the partition details with seemingly correct folder structure, but after trying to fix the partition, the partition data was subsequently lost and I don’t feel safe doing a deep scan if there are some deteriorating hardware problems.

Could you give me some quotes as to what levels of recovery this problem possibly needs? Furthermore how much would it cost for you to do an evaluation on the drive?

An example from London

Hard drive failure,came up as imminent failure and just reboots,all i need is my photo,s and documents nothing else,can be no more than 5gb.

The HDD was used in Media Player, it worked, but the Media Player might just been broken over time. I tried to connect it with a WD MyBook case, but when I plug it through USB in a Windows/ Linux/ MacOSx, it hears that it rotates inside, but no drive is available to access. It is a WD-Green 1TB, SATA / 64MB Cache, manufactured in 2010. Can you check it out/ potentially recommend a rack or case that I can use in order to access the files from it?

Western Digital Blue series hard driveOur hard disk has been damaged by a mobile phone being dropped into the laptop. The drive has been put into a docking station, but it makes a clicking noise& could not be read. I believe the mechanism is broken. Is there a way to get the data off it? We are based in London, England.

An example from Birmingham

Western Digital Green 2TB drive – fails to be detected in windows any longer. This is a secondary drive (not boot drive) with many personal files and photos which are not backed up, hence the importance for me. The drive was detected intermittently in the last 24 hours but I have been unable to copy many of the files already, with errors when i tried to copy many files at a time. I am close to some data recovery specialists and I live in Guildford, but work between Birmingham and Northamptonshire so it is important to know if you can make specific collection arrangements. Please confirm if you can assist, price, timescales and process. many thanks in advance.

Samsung Hard Disk Failure in Leeds

Leeds business with a Samsung S2 portable 500GB external hard-drive that was dropped on the floor and has since has malfunctioned.
When plugged in it makes a whirring sound up to speed then clicks, stops, and repeats the process. I suspect the internal arm to be misaligned or broken, but can’t be sure and am not willing to risk playing DIY technician with backup hard-drive. E-mail preferred as communication, phone signal here is fickle.

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August 3rd, 2016 at 10:31 am