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Hard drive PCB board swaps and SSD woes

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Swapping PCB boards on hard drives
Not sure if it is the 1TB or 2TB.
The drive powers up and I can hear it spinning but not recognized by PC.
I bought another WD My Book to see if the fault was with the board and not the drive, but even after I opened and swapped it out it is still now working.
I can supply both sets of devices.

Kioxia ssd drive recovery
I have a Kioxia CM6-V drive. I used nvme-cli to activate firmware slot 2, it was all working fine, even showed the firmware version being active, however after cold boot the firmware seems to not initialise, the device still shows via lspci but the nvme drive doesn’t appear in the OS nor in uefi bios.
So it seems I need to go back to firmware slot 1 for the drive to function again.
Not concerned about the data as it was just mainly a downloads drive. However it seems in order to activate firmware slot 1 with the drive in its current state, it would require an engineer to use the appropriate method such as jtag etc I presume.
Is this something you can do with this drive?

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