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Certified Repaired Hard Drive

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This was the second drive in my desktop computer, where I kept my Windows profile. All my data was either in the Windows profile or outside of it, but on this drive. Windows was installed on another drive.

Certified Repaired HDD
One day (a few years ago) this drive started making (clicking) noises, and Windows started giving errors. It still worked, and I copied most of the data to another drive. However for some directories and files it gave errors. When Windows gave errors, the drive would disappear so I had to reboot, then it would be recognized again until I accessed certain data. To eliminate the time consuming process of rebooting I mounted it into an external USB hard drive bay, and I was able to copy most of the (still accessible) data that way.
That is the last known state of the drive. It still probably works but I didn’t want to keep trying to avoid possible degradation.
The label on the HDD states ‘Certified Repaired HDD‘ – by Seagate.

Hard drive freezes
Though my hardrive appears when connected to my laptop, it freezes when trying to open it/access any files and multiple attempts at using disk utility has failed to fix the issue. I believe the problem is multiple bad sectors as the hardrive continually causes programs on my laptop to freeze and thus I have to remove the drive without ejecting, likely causing further bad sectors. The drive came as a certified repaired drive from Seagate, but I have the opinion that it’s not a very good hard drive. I sometimes hear a beep noise too coming from the drive. I’ve tried downloading software to extract the files from the drive but it is so corrupted that it just causes my laptop to freeze. I was wondering if there was any way to retrieve my data and if this is solvable.

I have a seagate go flex drive which we cant access even though we have the passwords etc, it seems the drive has failed. it has our family photos on it, approx 1.7 gb of data [not 100% of how much is on there]. would you be able to retrieve the data? also what would be the costs?

Seagate Backup Plus external driver dropped. Makes beeping sound when trying to power up and not recognised by computer. Windows USB sound made but no drive available. Power light on HDD doesn’t come on either. Email only please, at work so can’t answer phone.

Please avoid ‘Certified Repaired’ hard drives, they are not up to the standard of brand new hard drives.

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January 26th, 2021 at 3:46 pm

Hard Drive help and recovery in Liverpool

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Based in Liverpool, UK here are some requests for hard drive data recovery services.

WD hard drive help in Liverpool

I have a 2TB WD my passport ultra, it fell off my desk and starts with a clicking noise and is not reading on my computer. I have disconnected the external drive and would like to bring it in. When are your opening times over the Christmas period? My nearest branch would be Liverpool.

Seagate hard drive and safe removal

My external hard drive (My Passport Seagate) exhibits a clicking noise. When the drive is plugged in the computer recognizes (it gives you the option to safely remove it) but makes a clicking noise (three clicks) and then discs stops spinning. I have travelled recently and probably knocked it somewhere. Could you please provide a quote for a mechanical failure? What is included in the price (do you transfer the data to another drive etc?).

Something you should never do

I have tried to recover a broken external hard drive by removing the platters from my external Seagate hard drive and putting them into another external hard drive without success (I pretty much knew this anyway), can the data on the platters be recovered another way at all? This has effectively destroyed any chance of data recovery, you should never take the platters out of a broken hard drive. Instead for yourself a decent data recovery company who know how to do it properly!

Lenovo Laptop not starting up correctly

Automatically resorting to start up repair even when not tempted to – therefore unable to log in to the Laptop. I found the following blog post about how to get around this problem.

External hard drive doesn’t open

My external portable hard drive won’t open. Seems corrupted. I believe it stopped working since I dropped it once whilst it was running. Plugging it in makes it appear under the windows file manager however it also caused File manager to crash when trying to open the HDD. I am in the Liverpool area and have already tried get it fixed at a local store and they did not have the gear to fix this. Since the symptoms have not gotten worse and have remained the same.

Written by Betty

January 16th, 2018 at 11:04 am

Inaccessible, errors and hard drives not recognised

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Inaccessible hard drive
I have a 500gb WD My Passport Ultra. It was used on a work PC for years and then I plugged it into a new home iMac to upload some data. Now my work PC cant access the drive. I plugged it back into the iMac to see if it would work there but it doesn’t. I have had the drive checked out on a PC by a repair specialist and was told that the drive registers on the PC and so there is no problem with the cable.

Error on I/O device
My Seagate 2tb external hdd has not been dropped or damaged started making clicking noises this was followed by and I/O device error message when trying to access the files. The hdd shows on my pc when connected but is not always allowing me to access files and when I can it took 30minutes to copy 90jpeg files to pc.
The hdd has approx 400gb of data on it mainly jpeg

USB not recognised
USB Flash Drive (Sandisk Cruzer Blade) cannot be used. When the pen drive is plugged into a Windows 10 laptop (tried on 2 PCs) it takes a while (roughly 30 seconds) and then gives the error message that it was not recognised – it says the device malfunctioned and is not recognised. The drive was working completely fine earlier in the day but now cannot be used on any windows 10 laptop or even the ps4 which it will typially be recognised on. There is a lot of important college work on that drive and getting it working or at least getting back the files is rather urgent. Please help me however you can and the ipswich office is within walking distance and so if it is possible I would very much like to bypass the delivery service and just bring it in (if you would allow that) since I really need those files.

Written by Betty

December 14th, 2017 at 12:24 pm

Advice with faulty drives

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I have a toshiba hard drive external. i’ve put it in a metal case for 7 years. a week ago i drop it on the floor and the top part came off, i put it in a computer it worked then i taken it out and put it in again but the light comes on the harddrive, you can hear the spin inside and connection noise on the computer but it does not appear on my laptop any more.

I use an external hard drive to store all my files on for my small business as my MacBook Air has a tiny storage. The external hard drive showed up with an error about 1 week ago saying that no files could be altered but could be opened then a day later the drive would even appear in the finder window, i.e. it would communicate with the mac. I would be REALLY happy if you could get my files off the external drive and onto a new one for me. Is that possible and if so what would that cost?

My seagate expansion desktop hardrive slipped off my sofa did fall from a high height and landed flat slide and it was already on its flat side, it was connected to my laptop but not in use so files being transferred etc. Anyway afterwards it said it had been disconnected or eject incorrectly. I plugged it back in and it just beeps laptop doesn’t find it either. I have a lot of raw files on there from weddings I am yet to edit this is my backup drive and I was due to do another back up this week the images on there are my only copies so desperately need to get the files off there. I am hoping this is just a mechanical malfunction and eh files are retrievable.

A Seagate laptop hard driveI’m really sorry to contact you but I’m having serious problems with my hard drive and finding spare parts has been almost impossible. I’m not even sure what I am looking for, i think it’s a 3.5′ portable hard drive (seagate) and initially it was makin a beep……beep……beep sound. I did the stupid thing of reading a YouTube guide and taking it apart myself. The arm (?) had gotten stuck so I slowly span the disk and softly prised the arm back into place. Now when I turn it on it makes the sound that it is recognised in the computer but no drive comes up even with disk management open. The arm flicks wildly back and forth and then it gives up after about 2 seconds but the disk itself spins. I didn’t know if replacing the arm would work, i honestly have no clue with things like this. please if you can suggest anything that would be amazing. If I have buggered it then please just let me know that too, I know it’s hard to make a decision without seeing it but you guys seem to be the people I need to speak too.

Written by Betty

September 27th, 2017 at 3:48 pm

Advice with hard drives and dds tapes

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DDS Tapes
We currently have around 100 DDS-1, DDS-2 and DDS-3 tapes (and a couple of DAT72) which we cannot access due to hardware incompatibility. We would like to use your data migration service to move the data on the tapes to a hard drive that will be sent back to us.
If possible could I have a quote for much this type of migration would cost.

We don’t retrieve the information from DDS tapes ourselves but recommend you look at other pages on this blog for advice on what to do and where to go for the service you require.

Maxtor [Mxator] Data Recovery
I have rather an old Mxator 250gb portable external harddrive. I had upgraded, but the new one didn’t work with my mac so I’ve recently reverted to the old one. A few days ago the charger cable was jolted out of the device, and when I turned it back on several folders are showing as files, with no content. I’m a photographer, and many of the folders contained images from either recent work or just the past 10 years which I’d really love back! Hard drive is making clicking noise but i cant get anything from it. I need to recover pictures.

I have got a removable hardrive that’s making a ticking noise and is not being recognised when plugged into a computer.

Had to format pc ..(Which is done )when I plugged in External hard drive it came up as” do you wish to format” i have not because on trying data recovery programs which are no good Can not open it it says full no sp[ace left
ALL my files show up but do not show in explorer It has every valuable information I have

I have a Hitachi 1TB external hard drive. The connection port has become dislodged and lost inside the casing, meaning I cannot connect it to another device to retrieve the data. I’m either looking for a complete fix of the device or a transfer of the data onto another device.

We have an external hard drive that has stopped working. It’s mac formatted and we have tried it on several mac laptops to no avail. Please can you give me a rough estimate of costs to recover the files please?

Drive was part of buffalo linkstation not been used for long time. Buffalo software not recognising drive. When removed from linkstation drive is showing multiple partitions with no data

I put files from my mac onto a hard drive, i then deleted the files from my mac once it was on the hard drive. i then transferred the pictures onto another hard drive and deleted them from the other hard drive and now i cant see all my folders i made on my mac on my hard drive. is there any chance of retrieving these? there is about 30 folders of pictures missing. im hoping you can retreve these either from my mac or my hard drive?

Written by Betty

September 10th, 2017 at 4:53 pm

Phones Broken, Drives Dead

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This post we look at some customer submitted questions regarding broken phones and dead hard drives. Do you have a problem similar to this? Follow the links for useful advice

broken phonemy LG G4 died and needs to be replaced. Before doing that, I would like to recover what is saved on the hard drive. Could you give me an approximate idea of how much that might cost me?
I’d be grateful for a response via email as my broken phone is the matter of this inquiry and I’m therefore not able to use it for phone calls.

apple iPhone stuck in re boot mode……..need addresses and photos recovering.

Toshiba hard drive broke, I bought a new one and swapped the read write needle but now it’s making a ticking noise and a squeakin noise, also my computer will not recognise it. Can you get the data from the disk?
Do you offer a postal service, I live in Oxford or do you have a local contact in Oxford.

I need to transfer some Microsoft Word files fro a 3.5 inch, double sided, high density 2.0 MB floppy disk. Do you provide this service?

My 64GB normal SD Kingston card became unreadable for both of my computers. I’ve got very important files on it and I’afraid I might lose them. Do you provide any student prices for our services?

An old 2008 Samsung R510 with a 500GB SATA HDD. That HDD must already replaced from the OEM 160GB HDD. (and yet they do not do back-ups –> tsk, tsk.)
Drive does not boot inside the R510 but clicks, and stutters, etc. I was able to mount the drive via USB external drive caddy and read file structure, and copy some files to my MacBook via but the pictures directory is the one they are after and it has 5,000+ across 28 directories. (about 30-40 GB)
I believe they need your services if they want those pictures.
If I try to copy the photos in bulk it copies a few and then times out on pictures and it gives up.
I did not look at the spec, but I assume it is seagate or western digital HDD.
What is the procedure to deal with this and assumed cost so I can pass it on?
Then they can put this episode behind them, and learn to do backups.
Thanks for your help. They are in Dover… but I have friends in Ashford… so dropping off is not a problem.

my hard drive is toshiba 1tb on 32 chanel chiness dvr,the dvr data is on the hard drive i saw it on to dvr
i want to collect 24 camera data to my computer ,when i open the hard drive to dvr.and conect my pc sayas unallocate space then i shutdown my pc.
and reconnect the hard drive on to dvr auto matic formated stared i then shut down the dvr.
i really want the data 24 chanel camera data
how can i get the data
or how can i collected the data by softwaer

External hardrive contains a backup of my MAC hardrive which no longer works. Tried to copy over backup to my new laptop and it was not working. Hardrive not showing up in Finder but will show in Disk Utility. Possibly corrupted?

I have external Seagate FreeAgent Goflex SN.NA0B2DH2 hard disk. My Hard Disk doesn’t detect on any system ,however I had given it to one of the local shop to check and his conclusion was that it has a start up problem, and needs to be sent to professional .I would like to know the cost of your services and how to go about it.

WD Passport Ultra 2TB USB3 External HD
Device dropped flat from a height of approx 120cm
Unfortunately, attempted to determine if damage to data occurred by connecting it in and the device was not recognized – not even as an unknown device.
The platters did appear to spin up, as vibration/humming could be felt and was audible
Disconnected when a “zap” was heard, similar to when an external HD resets or is having power failures

Written by Betty

February 22nd, 2017 at 1:11 pm

Toshiba laptop and other problems

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Z830-1OT with a SSD that has failed. I have a lot of photos that are saved to the desktop. The laptop is totally dead, it will switch on but wont load past the front black screen with some white writing. Is this a device you can work with to potentially recover data from? Can you outline all costs i would need to pay too?

Rather than try and fix the problem myself I gathered up all my faulty equipment and sent it off too the hard drive experts at http://www.recover-deleted-data.co.uk/. I’ve listed some of the other problems and symptoms below.

When my phone has battery it constantly is rebooting on a continuous loop until the battery runs out, meaning I cannot access my phone. This happened after I downloaded the Qantas Entertainment app whilst on holiday. I have taken a fair few photos whilst on holiday and ideally I would like to obtain these back, as well as others that I had not yet backed up. Would it be possible to retrieve these photos?

Was dropped, hard drive comes up but says folders are empty when there not. Still connects and comes up on the computer but files won’t load. Samsung Hard drive, 1TB. Took a small drop whilst connected. Now not recognised by laptop and beeps/ticks briefly when connected.

I have a WD hdd drive (WD10TMVV)
The HDD is no longer recognize by computer.When attached, it spin for a while then become silent. i want to know the cost of data recovery for this device

I just got back from holiday and accidentally deleted half my photos from my Android phone’s internal memory (Samsung Galaxy J5). I read this can be recovered by rooting the device and then using data recovery software. I haven’t been able to root the phone. Could you let me know if you could do this and quote me a cost for the recovery. Please respond via email as I’m not using my phone where possible.

Written by Betty

January 10th, 2017 at 8:05 pm

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Phone and PC Problems

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I have a MacBook Pro and my hard drive has failed it just clicks and doesn’t seem to be reading. I have information I need to retrieve from the drive. Its a Toshiba MK5065GSXF.
The drive has been removed and replaced by a solid state drive but I need my files off the hard drive urgently. Can you help?

My USB HDD just suddenly stopped working. Cant remember knocking it or anything. No noise comes out of it either. My laptop (macbook) does not recognize it at all but other USB’s are working fine on the laptop.

phone not booting up - photoiPhone 6 was left in clothing which was put in a washing machine, it was fully charged and on at the time. screen is badly cracked and power has shorted out. There are photos and videos on there of high sentimental value which have not been backed up, and I would very much like for them to be recovered. Please contact me if you cannot reach me on mobile, as I may not have switched SIM card over yet.

Our IT Support company – Eitex have referred me to you. I have a Samsung external hard drive that has stopped working. What do I need to do to get it booked in? Would you be able to pick it up from them?

Recommendation: The people at http://phone-recovery.pen.io/ provided a great recover service to this person who sent in this enquiry: Photos deleted by accident from iPhone 5 and also cleared from the recently deleted folder. Phone has been on airplane mode since the accident and no other data added to phone.

My laptop hard-disk with some important data just crashed. First, Laptop dint detected HDD and heard a click noise. I took to a service centre and got HDD removed. As suggested by the laptop service centre, I had given to STELLAR for professional recovery. But they were unable to recover due to scratch made by the HDD head on the platter. Now what I am looking is those professional recovery services that could recover data from such physical damaged (Scratched) HDD.
Laptop: Hewlett-Packard Sleek book 4
OS: windows 10
Capacity: 500GB
Media: Hard Disk,Laptop
Serial No.: 130419TM8514ZNK5TV3R
Model No.:HTS75450A7E380,HGST
Cause Of Damage: Physical, Due to scratches on lower side of the platter
Please do send me an estimate.
Measures to take before I courier you my hard-disk.

Written by Betty

December 12th, 2016 at 2:24 pm

Hard Drive and Phone Recovery Questions

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Getting the data off a broken phone

I am looking to get my Xiaomi Mi 4C mobile phone repaired. It suffered significant damage following a drop at high speed.
The phone will not turn on at all just by pressing power button but the screen activates when I connect the charging cable. Then it shows company logo (MI) flashing repeatedly on screen but won’t boot up. It will enter fastboot.
The case burst open upon impact and the battery has was dislodged and detached itself from the connector. I have not been able to reconnect it properly.
Other than being able to use the phone again, the main reason I need it repaired is to recover photos from internal memory.
Failing a repair being possible, or if such a repair would mean wiping the flash memory i.e. deleting photos on phone, then would you be able to recover the photos from the phone memory for me?

The UK phone recovery company Data Clinic have a good reputation for rescuing the data from phones that have broken. I suggest you take a look at the services they offer and contact them if you think they’ll be able to help you. The company’s main page for phone recoveries is at http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-from-mobile-devices-phones-tablets-etc/.

As I write this, I’ve just had another phone enquiry, this time for a Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy express 2 (SM-G3815).
Phone won’t turn on and would like the photos recovered, is this possible please.

Getting the data off a broken hard drive

Three enquiries:

My hard drive is damaged and the local shop said they cannot recover data from the disk. There are some very important photos and office documents that I want to recover. Could you please call me back with an estimate.

I have a broken hard drive with important photos on it. I’d like to get my photos extracted and given to me by 19/6/16

Hi. I reset my partners laptop and didn’t back up the pictures. Its a windows 10 laptop and I did a full reset. She is devastated as they were of our son. I know the chances are slim but would it be possible to rescue the pictures at all

None of the above enquiries contain any information about location so I’m going to point you towards this UK data recovery company that have locations around the UK. Handling all types of hard drive they will be able to find out what the problem is with the hard drives and provide a price for the recovery of data from them.

Written by Betty

June 13th, 2016 at 10:43 am

RAID 5 Recovery Services UK

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My computer repair company was recently called out to a bicycle company in Bolton, Greater Manchester whose computer server had crashed. After inspecting the system we decided that the job was too complex for us attempt and instead we recommended the services of UK RAID experts Data Clinic.

Map of Greater ManchesterInitially it looked like there was one failed drive in the companies file server. The drive was in external unit comprising of 12 hard drives grouped together using RAID 5. This is the companies main file server which handles the files of some 15 or so staff arose two locations – Manchester and London. I think a power surge occurred as 3 machines in the office were visibly affected (we had to reboot them all) and the RAID server which crashed and wouldn’t boot up correctly from this point. Upon inspection, one of the hard drives in the system was offline and we though that this could be the reason why the server had gone offline. The IT team removed the drive to test it in PC & powers on & appears to try twice then powers down. At this stage would like to know rough / likely cost on recovery.

After diagnosis it’s clear that the disk obviously has a serious error. I define ‘serious’ as any error where the hard drive is no longer being detected by the computer. Hard drives in this condition do not have logical problems as logical problems do not prevent a hard drive being detected in the computer. It’s therefore a good a sensible idea to recognise that the hard drive has a serious problem that is beyond many companies abilities to repair. Allow yourself the best chance of data recovery and find a RAID recovery specialist like Data Clinic UK to retrieve the data, their RAID recovery services page is at http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/raid-data-recovery/. They have an office in Bury that covers Greater Manchester and includes Bolton. Opening hours are 8am through til 6pm and their phone number os 0161 761 0620.

Another issue I have with a broken hard drive is as follows: I dropped a ‘WD My Passport Ultra 2TB’ external hard drive and now there is a repetitive click sound when it is plugged into my laptop and it will not mount on my desktop. I’m interested in fixing the hard drive so that it will mount or recovering the data and moving it to a different hard drive. I would also classify this type of problem as being serious too. Recovering the data would likely involve taking the drive apart and removing the damaged parts before rebuilding the drive and hoping it all works again. Again this is something that my computer repair company would not attempt, and would rather leave to a skilled data recovery company.

Written by Betty

April 14th, 2016 at 11:42 am

Help with a Broken Hard Drive & Training

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In this post I’ve printed a question that was sent to me by someone with a broken hard drive who needs the data recovering.

Computer Science Labs logoQuestion: “I have a 1tb Seagate external HDD which overnight started beeping and clicking and is now not visible from Windows. Ihave disconnected and reconnected power but it beeps and then powers down. The drive contains data I need recovering and I am seeking quotes for repair. Internet searches indicate that Seagate drives may have power issues or it could be a drive fault. Can you advise on a possible cost?”

Answer: Unfortunately the fault you have on your Seagate hard drive is nothing to do with power issues. The key issue you describe is that the hard drive started beeping and clicking. This tells me the you disk has developed a problem with it’s r/w heads, and this is confirmed by your observation that the drive is no longer visible in Windows.

A r/w head fault is a significant failure in a hard drive and means that the data can no longer be read from the hard drive. This operation is one of the processes performed when the hard drive functions and the failure is the reason why the hard drive is no longer visible in Windows. To develop that, the hard drive would not be visible in any operating system and in fact will not be visible in the computer’s BIOS (see an explanation of ‘BIOS’ at http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/BIOS-basic-input-output-system).

Repair of the hard drive is possible but this type of repair is beyond the capabilities of most data recovery services. This is because in order to repair a hard drive with a r/w head fault it’s necessary to strip the hard drive down to component level and swap out the broken heads. This is a very complex task, which relies on identical spare parts having to be found from a ‘donor’ hard drive that must be an exact match of the broken one.

Once the faulty r/w heads from the broken drive have been removed and replaced with working ones the whole hard drive then needs to be re-assembled and recalibrated. Even if this operation is a total success the hard drive will only work at 30% of it’s original performance at best. This is because the transplant operation is so difficult that most un- or low- skilled data recovery companies will have zero success in repairing hard drives with any type of r/w head failure.

When I began my data recovery career back in 2005 I went on several good data recovery training courses. The best we run by a company called Computer Science Labs who provided a basic grounding in the types of problems hard drives have and then provided hands-on training about how to understand the issues and recover the data. It was probably one of the best training courses I’ve ever been on and was vital in developing my career in data recovery.

Written by Betty

March 11th, 2016 at 11:06 am

Hard Drive Port Loose – Help!

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Like many of us from time to time, I’ve had a couple of computer problems lately. I’ve written this post about one of them – I’d be interested to hear your comments too!

external hard drivesOne Tuesday last month, whilst I was packing my portable computer and hard drive up to leave work, I accidentally knocked the usb cable connected from my external hard drive and it caused the port to become loose. The model of HD is: WD Elements 2TB external hard drive and on opening up the drive it turned out I’d snapped off the USB port from the circuit board.

So, this put me in a bit of a tailspin. Rather than save my work to my computer’s hard drive, I tend to save everything to my external hard drive. You may think this is daft but the main reason I do this is because I commute between Birmingham, Leeds and London and rather than haul my main desktop computer with me, I instead use the computers at whatever location I am going to be at. Having the data stored on my external hard drive means I can use it on whatever computer I am sat at regardless of location.

The better solution would be that back everything up to the cloud but the reason I don’t is because I’m a videographer and I file of the data files I use is huge – often hundreds of megabytes, with some mastered video projects running into Terabytes. Streaming this from the cloud is too slow and therefore using this method of data storage is extremely slow.

Anyway, having lost the connection on my hard drive I needed to find someone who could fix it back in place so I could begin to use my data again. An internet search revealed several options, first up on my list of people to call were Emergency RAID Data Recovery who were very friendly and pointed out that they were more involved in rescuing information from failed server systems rather than fixing parts back on hard drives, before pointing me in the direction of Datlabs Data Recovery. When I spoke to Datlabs they were able to confirm that the problem I had was an unusual but fixable one. I asked the million dollar question: “Is my data going to be safe?” and they assured me it would.

The problem with my hard drive was not related the the data, it was an electronic fault that fortunately meant my data was not under threat. With that I was able to breathe a sign of relief knowing that my data was going to be ok and my hard disk would be fixed.

Written by Betty

January 13th, 2016 at 3:12 pm

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Search Phrases Continually Astound Me

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I’ve just been looking at the some server logs for a hard drive repair / data recovery company I write for. These logs contain lots of useful information about the web site, such as the pages people visit, the time they spend on the web site and how they found the web site in the first place. Now a typical aged web site will contain lots of legacy pages – pages that were once relevant but have over time become less so, but rather than being removed have been kept on the site because they still have some relevance.

Even though the pages have been virtually forgotten about by web admins, search engines still remember them and continue to point people to them. Some of the more way out search terms typed include:

what is an interface crc error? 1 2.5 %
hdd g-list 1 2.5 %
raid 3 parity byte calculation 1 2.5 %
advantages of a external portable hard drive 1 2.5 %
external hard drive recovery shops south london 1 2.5 %
disadvantage of external hard drive 1 2.5 %
data recovery glasgow scotland 1 2.5 %
external hard drive barracuda 1 2.5 %
raid 6 parity calculation algorithm 1 2.5 %
retrieve data from external hard drive bolton 1 2.5 %
uk hard drive bios swap 1 2.5 %
hdd problem on a laptop 1 2.5 %
advantages of external data 1 2.5 %
hard disk access without password 1 2.5 %
disadvantages of a hard disk 1 2.5 %
disadvantages of portable hard disk 1 2.5 %
external hard drive advantages 1 2.5 %
toshiba hard drive regular tapping noise 1 2.5 %
data recovery glasgow 1 2.5 %
what is hard disks and the advantages and the disadvantages? 1 2.5 %
ata commands password protect drive 1 2.5 %
hard drive disadvantages 1 2.5 %
disadvantage of hard disks

Written by Betty

April 2nd, 2014 at 10:08 am

Mac Data Recovery in London

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Hey There Everyone!

I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday where I enjoyed a well deserved rest. Florida is so nice at this time of year and I didn’t really spend that much either, thou I guess expense is relative !

So here I am back in London and the first thing I notice will be of interest to all users of Mac computers: there’s a new Mac data recovery web site called Mac Data Recovery London (http://www.macdatarecoverylondon.co.uk/). Seeing as data recovery is one of my ‘things’ I went along to introduce myself and say Hello. This is a specialist Mac hard drive recovery centre with faulty iMacs, MacBooks and external hard drives. The faulty Mac equipment is repaired and the data recovered to new Macs or external USB hard drives.

Fortunately my Mac is currently working fine, I’m pleased I found Mac Data Recovery London and they are a decent company and provide a quality data recovery service from all types of Mac computer.

Written by Betty

March 13th, 2014 at 4:08 pm

A Data Recovery Adventure in Scotland – Part 1

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Exposed Hard Disk DriveThis New Year I found myself in Edinburgh, and a very fair city it is too. It had been 12 months since my extended family had been gathered together in one place – it’s something we do each New Year, so packed my case and travelled up north of the border.

Accompanying me on the trip was my trusty 2TB external hard drive. This thing is totally invaluable and stores all my work and music, plus the movies and photos that I was looking forward to showing everyone over the Xmas holiday. I arrived safely on a wet New Years Eve morning and in my haste to get inside and out of the rain managed to accidentally throw my external hard drive from the car. I watched in horror as it flew across the pavement and landed in my parent’s garden. Oh No! I thought, but at least it had landed on the soft grass rather than a hard pavement. I retrieved the hard drive and went inside hoping it would still work.

I plugged the drive into my parent’s Windows computer and all was looking good, I heard the beep-beep noise that you get when you attach a USB device, so far so good. I then got an error message telling me the hard drive could no longer be read and asking me whether I wanted to format the drive. I said Yes. Several minutes later I got another message saying the process had failed. Uh-oh… what do I do now I thought…

My father told me a friend of theirs had recently had a hard disk problem too. He said they had to use a data recovery company to get the data off the hard drive but couldn’t remember the name of the company. A phone call later he told me the data recovery company was called Datlabs. But they weren’t in Edinburgh they were in Glasgow. Could we not use a company in Edinburgh I asked? He told me that his friend had done exactly the same thing but the the company in Edinburgh were not very good and he got the impression that they didn’t know what they were doing.

I agreed we should then follow my father’s friend’s recommendation and drive across to Glasgow to see the Datlabs data recovery people. OMG, I’m very glad we did. They were able to look at the hard drive and tell me one of the heads was about to fail. This apparently was bad, they said there was probably only a limited amount of time before the drive failed completely and recommended they get the data from it ASAP…. To Be Continued

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January 3rd, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Broken Hard Drives Still Contain Recoverable Data !

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When you store important information on a hard disk drive, you take the chance of losing that information because hard disk drives can break for a variety of different reasons. If you’re not computer literate, losing data on a hard drive can be difficult because you don’t know what to do to recover your data. Fortunately, there are companies that can help you get that data back. These are known as data recovery companies and they can retrieve data from nearly any type of hard drive in any type of condition. So when you find yourself in a situation where you have lost valuable information you should not assume that this data can not be retrieved.

Hard drive with cover removed.There are some companies that specialise in repairing damaged hard drives. In the process of retrieving your data, theses data recovery companies can also repair your hard disk. Types of the problems data recovery companies can repair include broken boards, mechanical hard drive faults such as the ‘click of death’ and beeping hard drives. A recommended company in the UK are RAID and Server Data Recovery – you would use a hard drive recovery company when your local IT provider can no longer help you.

Sometimes when there is no damage to the hard disk, software programs can be used to help you retrieve your data by yourself. There are usually trial versions available on the internet that will tell you what they can and can’t recover first. If you decide you want to recover the data they find you’ll have to buy the program which usually costs several pounds. But at least it will get your data back for you. A word of caution though, what may at first appear to be a simple hard drive problem may be something far more serious and trying to recover the data yourself may cause many more problems. So if in doubt, you should always seek professional help as there could be problems inside your disk that prevent it from working properly.

Remember that just because your hard disk breaks or the information on it seems to have disappeared, this doesn’t mean that the data is lost forever. Skilled data retrieval companies that can find and rescue lost data on a damaged hard drive. In the process of restoring the data, the hard drive problems that caused the data to go missing in the first place will be fixed. This is helpful because it insures that it won’t happen again.

File Recovery by Data Clinic Ltd

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File recovery by Data Clinic LtdYou might or might not have heard the word “hard disk drive” before – or perhaps heard it mentioned in a dialog or two a while ago, but just what is a hard disk drive? Let’s take a minute to answer these questions, and once we do, be certain to truly have a pencil and paper handy to acquire all of these important details.

Therefore, as a way to start, let’s reply an age-old question: Just what is a hard drive? The hard-disk drive in your pc is really a data storage system employed to not only save, but recover information held on it. We say disk, as it will it’s capabilities utilizing high-velocity rotating disks that are coated with magnetic materials. I guess you didn’t understand all this is happening in that small machine beneath your desk. Simply, each single time you should find a file, or application, or folder or some information that may be saved digitally, you’re probably using the hard-disk drive of the computer which is generally named the C Drive.

Let’s discuss physics and data for a second with regard to these hard drives. They’re generally the true size of the typical paper back book, but appreciably heavier. Therefore the surfaces on most hard-drives are predrilled. make sure to mount it making the end with all the connections within the computer, if you’re installing your own hard-disk drive.

You’ll find the jumper settings in the rear quite helpful, if you’re setting up drives. It will help the mainboard understand the way to recognise each drive whenever you’ve got more than one accessible. So it looks a hard-disk drive is a fantastic piece of technology with several advantages and several useful elements. But how do such an excellent machine fail? Let’s examine several common problems that result in hard disk failure.

To start, Hard disk failure occurs whenever the hard disk drive involved malfunctions, leaving all the valuable advice saved near to impossible to achieve. Even in ordinary daily work with a hard drive might fail for a range of reasons. Outside variables usually play a leading part in this kind of account, for instance exposure to fire high-heat, or moisture levels were increased by water /. As stated before, the disks operate with magnetic coating therefore exposing it to large magnetic fields may also cause failure. A big effect or an environmental contaminate can result in one of the very typical causes for hard-disk failure: A head-crash.

A head-crash is single-handedly the most infamous source of breakdown. For those of us in the UK, using Data Clinic’s file recovery service is an excellent and highly recommended way that can be used to retrieve data from hard drives that are damaged. These services are performed by Data Clinic’s experts using the right gear, and often get excellent results.

Sadly, since hard drives are all mechanical devices, they’ll all fail at some stage. It might not be instantly, but most just fail due to worn-out components. In regards to using hard drives and so there’s always a danger of data loss.

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If your hard disk crashes, is your data covered by the manufacturer’s warranty ?

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(Author’s Update: Data recovery work under warranty is undertaken in the UK by Data Recovery London (http://www.data-recovery-london.net/)

Data recovery warranty http://www.data-recovery-london.netThis was a question that was recently asked on a TV programme. A man’s hard disk crashed and he had lost all his data. Fortunately he was able to get the broken hard disk replaced because of the warranty, but the cost of the data recovery was not included.

To retrieve the data he had sent his hard drive to a data recovery company to get it recovered. The price tag was about £800. But, he also wanted to have that extra cost covered by the same warranty.

Warranties from any hard disk manufacturers don’t include restoration of data. That said, with the long life time and high durability of today’s hard disks perhaps this is something hard disk manufacturers may offer in the future?

Data recovery companies are usually very good at recovering data from most types of conventional hard disk failure – they are not so good at recovering data from drives that have been involved in fires and floods but these are quite rare situations.

Obviously, it’s always worthwhile to backup all your data or at least backup the data that is most important for you. This is the best warranty against data loss.

If you only use your computer for leisure, playing games or surfing the internet you may not need to take any backup at all. But today, more and more people store important information on their computers – documents and family pictures for example. Others store data vital to their professional lives too – this can represent years of work such as an academic thesis legal papers. Most people store at least some important information such as address books, emails, text documents, family pictures, music or company records.

Should you take backup? If so, what type of backup is best for you?

This all depends on the value of the data should it be lost, the time it will take to recreate lost data, and the cost to make the backup in the first place.

In most cases the data you need to backup is limited to specific files or folders. If that is the case you don’t need to backup the complete hard drive and the cost to make backup is reduced. If you only need to backup documents, emails and address books then there are many cheaper alternatives including USB memory sticks, online backup or backup to CD’s/DVD’s.

If you often use important software from the internet then you need to take a full backup of the hard disk at least once every month. This is because nearly all software programs store system related information in the registry, which if lost may mean you are no longer able to run your software.

As an alternative, make sure that you save the installation files and any accompanied software registration keys in one specific folder after you have downloaded the software. If you do this and include the folder in one of your regular smaller backups, then you will not be too badly effected should your hard drive fail.

Another way to deal with system downtime if you have a hard disk crash is to create and keep a disk image. This is a snapshot of the entire hard disk which can be used to restore your computer on your new hard disk. Included in the disk image software is a boot utility. From it you can create boot diskettes or boot CD’s.

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