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Intel Boot Agent – Need data recovery

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500GB 2.5″ Seagate laptop HDD has failed. Laptop wouldn’t boot up, and was presenting the Intel Boot Agent. Tested the hard drive in another laptop and had the same issue. Have tried using a USB to SATA to see if the data could be transferred off of the drive, but this was unsuccessful. The drive wasn’t spinning at all when plugged in.

There seems to be an issue with the USB port on my ‘my passport’ WD hard drive. It often does not stay connected to the laptop. The hard drive works as normal when in very specific positions but looses connectivity if it gets moved slightly. Now it’s stopped working and I when i boot up the computer I get the Intel boot agent screen come on. I do not know what I need to do next – can you help me? I want to retrieve my data.

Intel Boot Agent screen

I am a photography student and ALL my entire work collection is on my hard drive and it won’t show up and my computer not longer boots. I have tried a variety of agents, leads, restarting my computer but nothing shows! 🙁 please please advise what i can do to recover my files as i don’t have back ups. I am devastated. I can come into the shop tomorrow as I need the files back urgently as i have so many deadlines coming up.

Advice: There are a lot of data recovery companies mentioned in this blog who can assist you in recovering your files if you are seeing the Inte Boot Agent screen – for recommendations, go to the homepage of this blog.

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November 2nd, 2020 at 2:53 pm

Datlabs Data Recovery

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Below are some data recovery enquiries from people who want to get their data back. They sent their hard drives and mobile phones into Datlabs for data recovery.

Data recovery in North London

I’m based in North London and I’ve just had a 4tb external hard drive fail after it suffered a fall. When would I be able to drop in the drive for repair to a data recovery specialist in London?

Seagate SSHD Recover Files

I have a Lenovo laptop with Seagate SSHD 500GB, the laptop is failing to boot. How much will it cost to recover all data? please email rather than phoning due to work. There are many files and folders on the SSHD that i’d like to recover.

I also have a Seagate external hard drive that is no longer mounting and is causing crashes when it’s plugged in. Really need the data to be recovered from it if possible!
Seagate Expansion Portable Drive. I live Chester and work in London.

Data recovery from HGST hard drives

HDD: z7k500-500 HGST disk makes a clicking noise and sounds like th e-reader heads have misaligned. The drive isn’t recognised by the laptop. I have tried taking the hdd out of the laptop and attaching as a secondary disk in a different system and it isn’t detected by the Disk manager.

External 3TB drive failed – need to recover data rapidly.

Spilled water on my laptop and want to recover the data. Already have bought a caddy. Need help on how to do it

HGST data recovery

I had my laptop and hard drive stolen. My laptop was recovered by Datlabs data recover but the data on my external hard drive was erased I wanted to know if there is ay possibility of recovering data from it.

My laptop is not starting Win10. I need to recover the data on its SSD drive and get Win10 reinstalled. Can you help me please?

Dell laptop knocked off sofa. Has been removed by team know how at pc world now looking at options of data recovery.

When I connect to my `MacBook the hard drive does not do anything – no light comes on – and the Mac does not connect to it.

Recover Seagate files from hard drive

An old IDE drive Seagate Barracuda 160 Gb ST3160021A. I have tried with a USB -> IDE adapter, the drive shows up on Windows and then disappears again. Does make noises suggesting it is reading/spinning. This drive belongs to a friend, she is looking to get her photos only from it.

Turned laptop on one morning and it didn’t boot.
Our IT department said it’s corrupted, nothing can be saved. Do you know if there’s a way round this? I’ve heard Datlabsdatarecovery are an excellent company for retrieving data from hard drives and mobile phones.

Disk is not seen on laptop or on usb SATA cable. the disk can be heard spinning and seeking for about 3-4 seconds, then just spins.

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January 28th, 2020 at 1:13 pm

Datlabs for hard drive recoveries

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I have 2 N0 ex hard drives which are faulty. having used them for recording progs I am unable to playback the recordings.
It would be a blessing if these could be recovered then have them both put back to proper working order.
Perhaps you can e-mail me with details of a good data recovery service and address where to send them.

Recently my laptop just won’t boot and I keep getting an error code, I have tried my best to try and solve the issue however it just didn’t work. My final step is to reinstall windows again but that would mean all the data would be gone. Therefore is it possible to recover the data within the hard drive first so that I can get some old photos and some coursework that I didn’t back onto the cloud.

Hard Drive was dropped from about 10cm from the floor. Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 3tb. Makes buzzing noise for about 10 seconds after plugging into Laptop then it runs perfectly fine. Although my Macbook Pro (Mid 15′ 2.2 GHz 1.7 Intel) is not reading the hard drive on finder and also on disk utility. I want to transfer all the data on the Seagate Back Plus to my Seagate Expansion 4tb.

My seagate 1tb external hard drive , which is only 9 months old, has failed me. And with it have gone all my photos of my son. I have been told it is a mechanical failure so I need to find somebody qualified to do this type of retrieval of data. I see that you do , and you specialise in seagate. Please can you advise what cost I am looking at and how to go about getting it repaired ?

The drive is a Samsung M3 portable 1 TB external hard drive. I was working on it over the weekend when it crashed and then just stopped being recognised by the computer. When I plug it in the light still comes on and it comes up in devices and printers but doesn’t show in my computer and I can’t access the files.

Purchased from BT as 1 of 4 drives in a Buffalo external hard drive. The menu indicated a fault, this drive clicks. I would like the drive repaired if possible with data restored.

I accidentally deleted a phone recording on my storm k phone. Need it for work. Any chance of recovery? I was using total recall software app.

please help me! i dropped my laptop and now it goes to reboot page and hard drive makes a noise! i need the data 🙁

A broken desktop computer had a internal harddrive: a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 360GB SATA harddrive. After removal I attempted to read it externally via a SATA usb cable but I was unsuccessful: Windows said the device had 0gb and told me to ‘insert a disk’ when trying to read it, even though I could see it in devices. It either had insufficient power or I was doing something wrong. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to read the data (either if there is any hardware that can read it). If you offer services, can I ask for a estimated cost please. Thanks for any help in advance.

I dropped my iPhone 7 and it turned off, it wont come back on and I haven’t backed it up for 3 months! Could you recover the data?

I have an 256GB 850EVO SSD that I used to boot Windows 10. This has randomly stopped being recognised by the mainboard. I can’t see this drive in the BIOS. I have tried using different data and power cables and trying different ports on the motherboard.

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March 10th, 2017 at 2:28 pm

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Search Phrases Continually Astound Me

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I’ve just been looking at the some server logs for a hard drive repair / data recovery company I write for. These logs contain lots of useful information about the web site, such as the pages people visit, the time they spend on the web site and how they found the web site in the first place. Now a typical aged web site will contain lots of legacy pages – pages that were once relevant but have over time become less so, but rather than being removed have been kept on the site because they still have some relevance.

Even though the pages have been virtually forgotten about by web admins, search engines still remember them and continue to point people to them. Some of the more way out search terms typed include:

what is an interface crc error? 1 2.5 %
hdd g-list 1 2.5 %
raid 3 parity byte calculation 1 2.5 %
advantages of a external portable hard drive 1 2.5 %
external hard drive recovery shops south london 1 2.5 %
disadvantage of external hard drive 1 2.5 %
data recovery glasgow scotland 1 2.5 %
external hard drive barracuda 1 2.5 %
raid 6 parity calculation algorithm 1 2.5 %
retrieve data from external hard drive bolton 1 2.5 %
uk hard drive bios swap 1 2.5 %
hdd problem on a laptop 1 2.5 %
advantages of external data 1 2.5 %
hard disk access without password 1 2.5 %
disadvantages of a hard disk 1 2.5 %
disadvantages of portable hard disk 1 2.5 %
external hard drive advantages 1 2.5 %
toshiba hard drive regular tapping noise 1 2.5 %
data recovery glasgow 1 2.5 %
what is hard disks and the advantages and the disadvantages? 1 2.5 %
ata commands password protect drive 1 2.5 %
hard drive disadvantages 1 2.5 %
disadvantage of hard disks

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April 2nd, 2014 at 10:08 am

Mac Data Recovery in London

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Hey There Everyone!

I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday where I enjoyed a well deserved rest. Florida is so nice at this time of year and I didn’t really spend that much either, thou I guess expense is relative !

So here I am back in London and the first thing I notice will be of interest to all users of Mac computers: there’s a new Mac data recovery web site called Mac Data Recovery London (http://www.macdatarecoverylondon.co.uk/). Seeing as data recovery is one of my ‘things’ I went along to introduce myself and say Hello. This is a specialist Mac hard drive recovery centre with faulty iMacs, MacBooks and external hard drives. The faulty Mac equipment is repaired and the data recovered to new Macs or external USB hard drives.

Fortunately my Mac is currently working fine, I’m pleased I found Mac Data Recovery London and they are a decent company and provide a quality data recovery service from all types of Mac computer.

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March 13th, 2014 at 4:08 pm

A Data Recovery Adventure in Scotland – Part 1

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Exposed Hard Disk DriveThis New Year I found myself in Edinburgh, and a very fair city it is too. It had been 12 months since my extended family had been gathered together in one place – it’s something we do each New Year, so packed my case and travelled up north of the border.

Accompanying me on the trip was my trusty 2TB external hard drive. This thing is totally invaluable and stores all my work and music, plus the movies and photos that I was looking forward to showing everyone over the Xmas holiday. I arrived safely on a wet New Years Eve morning and in my haste to get inside and out of the rain managed to accidentally throw my external hard drive from the car. I watched in horror as it flew across the pavement and landed in my parent’s garden. Oh No! I thought, but at least it had landed on the soft grass rather than a hard pavement. I retrieved the hard drive and went inside hoping it would still work.

I plugged the drive into my parent’s Windows computer and all was looking good, I heard the beep-beep noise that you get when you attach a USB device, so far so good. I then got an error message telling me the hard drive could no longer be read and asking me whether I wanted to format the drive. I said Yes. Several minutes later I got another message saying the process had failed. Uh-oh… what do I do now I thought…

My father told me a friend of theirs had recently had a hard disk problem too. He said they had to use a data recovery company to get the data off the hard drive but couldn’t remember the name of the company. A phone call later he told me the data recovery company was called Datlabs. But they weren’t in Edinburgh they were in Glasgow. Could we not use a company in Edinburgh I asked? He told me that his friend had done exactly the same thing but the the company in Edinburgh were not very good and he got the impression that they didn’t know what they were doing.

I agreed we should then follow my father’s friend’s recommendation and drive across to Glasgow to see the Datlabs data recovery people. OMG, I’m very glad we did. They were able to look at the hard drive and tell me one of the heads was about to fail. This apparently was bad, they said there was probably only a limited amount of time before the drive failed completely and recommended they get the data from it ASAP…. To Be Continued

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January 3rd, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Broken Hard Drives Still Contain Recoverable Data !

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When you store important information on a hard disk drive, you take the chance of losing that information because hard disk drives can break for a variety of different reasons. If you’re not computer literate, losing data on a hard drive can be difficult because you don’t know what to do to recover your data. Fortunately, there are companies that can help you get that data back. These are known as data recovery companies and they can retrieve data from nearly any type of hard drive in any type of condition. So when you find yourself in a situation where you have lost valuable information you should not assume that this data can not be retrieved.

Hard drive with cover removed.There are some companies that specialise in repairing damaged hard drives. In the process of retrieving your data, theses data recovery companies can also repair your hard disk. Types of the problems data recovery companies can repair include broken boards, mechanical hard drive faults such as the ‘click of death’ and beeping hard drives. A recommended company in the UK are RAID and Server Data Recovery – you would use a hard drive recovery company when your local IT provider can no longer help you.

Sometimes when there is no damage to the hard disk, software programs can be used to help you retrieve your data by yourself. There are usually trial versions available on the internet that will tell you what they can and can’t recover first. If you decide you want to recover the data they find you’ll have to buy the program which usually costs several pounds. But at least it will get your data back for you. A word of caution though, what may at first appear to be a simple hard drive problem may be something far more serious and trying to recover the data yourself may cause many more problems. So if in doubt, you should always seek professional help as there could be problems inside your disk that prevent it from working properly.

Remember that just because your hard disk breaks or the information on it seems to have disappeared, this doesn’t mean that the data is lost forever. Skilled data retrieval companies that can find and rescue lost data on a damaged hard drive. In the process of restoring the data, the hard drive problems that caused the data to go missing in the first place will be fixed. This is helpful because it insures that it won’t happen again.

Developments in Data Centre Hard Drive TCO

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Total Cost of Ownership Graph

The main TCO factors for data centre design

Since social media, data warehousing, online retailing and banking businesses create the most demanding cloud support infrastructures with thousands and thousands of hosts managing petabytes of data, they all understand the significance of crafting an end-to-end storage strategy which appears beyond one time capital cost for the crux of the actual prices – the operating costs related to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Cloud architects are creating new guidelines that illustrate the bottom-line value of having a systems wide approach to storage. Usually based on components and software, they deploy drives optimized for special applications that demand efficient power utilization, density and dependability. The important thing: Cloud data centre choices are actually based on value instead of pricing and TCO is how value has been measured.

Embracing the best storage scheme for public, private, and on premise data center infrastructures could make a huge difference in your capacity to significantly lower TCO costs. The key to successfully affecting TCO goes well beyond the price of the drives themselves or measuring effectiveness when it comes to cost per gigabyte only.

Understand the dependability of the hard drives in the data centre. The more dependable the drive, the less time plus price spent keeping it. Drives rated at HGST’s business’s leading standard of 2 million hours Mean-time Between Failure (MTBF) will encounter 40% fewer failures during the five-year life of the drive over these rated at 1.2 million hours.

Raise the density of the present data center footprint with higher-capacity drives. In addition, new up-and-coming helium filled platforms are capable of supporting seven platters per normal 3.5inch HDD, 2 more platters or disks compared to present airfilled five-platter drives.

Power Utilization Efficiency or PUE denotes the proportion of the entire number of power used by a data centre to the power sent or consumed by its own gear. PUE makes it possible to quantify such variables such cooling, electricity distribution and light. The perfect PUE ratio is 1.

Best-in-group data centres like Google and eBay have reported ratios only 1.14 and 1.35, respectively, however an average data centre has a ratio of 2.5. This implies that a typical data centre uses 2-and-a-half times more electricity compared to the amount required to operate the equipment.

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December 3rd, 2013 at 12:33 pm

File Recovery by Data Clinic Ltd

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File recovery by Data Clinic LtdYou might or might not have heard the word “hard disk drive” before – or perhaps heard it mentioned in a dialog or two a while ago, but just what is a hard disk drive? Let’s take a minute to answer these questions, and once we do, be certain to truly have a pencil and paper handy to acquire all of these important details.

Therefore, as a way to start, let’s reply an age-old question: Just what is a hard drive? The hard-disk drive in your pc is really a data storage system employed to not only save, but recover information held on it. We say disk, as it will it’s capabilities utilizing high-velocity rotating disks that are coated with magnetic materials. I guess you didn’t understand all this is happening in that small machine beneath your desk. Simply, each single time you should find a file, or application, or folder or some information that may be saved digitally, you’re probably using the hard-disk drive of the computer which is generally named the C Drive.

Let’s discuss physics and data for a second with regard to these hard drives. They’re generally the true size of the typical paper back book, but appreciably heavier. Therefore the surfaces on most hard-drives are predrilled. make sure to mount it making the end with all the connections within the computer, if you’re installing your own hard-disk drive.

You’ll find the jumper settings in the rear quite helpful, if you’re setting up drives. It will help the mainboard understand the way to recognise each drive whenever you’ve got more than one accessible. So it looks a hard-disk drive is a fantastic piece of technology with several advantages and several useful elements. But how do such an excellent machine fail? Let’s examine several common problems that result in hard disk failure.

To start, Hard disk failure occurs whenever the hard disk drive involved malfunctions, leaving all the valuable advice saved near to impossible to achieve. Even in ordinary daily work with a hard drive might fail for a range of reasons. Outside variables usually play a leading part in this kind of account, for instance exposure to fire high-heat, or moisture levels were increased by water /. As stated before, the disks operate with magnetic coating therefore exposing it to large magnetic fields may also cause failure. A big effect or an environmental contaminate can result in one of the very typical causes for hard-disk failure: A head-crash.

A head-crash is single-handedly the most infamous source of breakdown. For those of us in the UK, using Data Clinic’s file recovery service is an excellent and highly recommended way that can be used to retrieve data from hard drives that are damaged. These services are performed by Data Clinic’s experts using the right gear, and often get excellent results.

Sadly, since hard drives are all mechanical devices, they’ll all fail at some stage. It might not be instantly, but most just fail due to worn-out components. In regards to using hard drives and so there’s always a danger of data loss.

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November 18th, 2013 at 12:38 pm

Rebuilding Broken RAID 5 Servers

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RAID 5 RebuildWith the increase in volumes of digital data throughout the world the number of servers in existence has risen spectacularly in order to cope with demand. Only a few years ago, server and RAID’s were rather uncommon and only found in larger businesses with hundreds of employees. These days RAIDs are often found in NAS home server systems, frequently as RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 5 systems. Similarly, RAID and server data recovery services can no longer be seen as activities that happen on an off chance.

A RAID gives you the ability to combine a number of hard disks into one big hard drive. For example combining 10 2TB hard drives will give you a storage capacity of close to 20TB. That’s enough storage space for a home user to store lots of HD films, photos and music. A system this size will typically support a small company as well but of course it depends on the type of data they are storing. Microsoft Office documents tend to be rather small when compared to other types of digital media such a photographs, music and films.

There’s a huge increase in the demand for storage space and files are also very large – any typical HD movie you may download is often several GB in size and home movies you make yourself are also large. It’s the same with music files – a respectable iTunes library can get many gigabytes in size. With music and movies a lot of people choose the stream the content from a local ISP. This saves on using up your valuable hard disk space but is reliant on a decent and quick broadband connection, else you will see the spinning wheel so often noticed when streaming content over the BBC iPlayer service that is telling you that your internet connection just can’t keep up the necessary download speed so that you can watch your programme uninterrupted.

Servers are used to combine several hard disks into a large storage volume or array. Many servers use a configuration that is known as RAID and there are many types of RAID available. Each type has advantages and drawbacks over others. For example the fastest type of RAID is a RAID 0. Data transfer speeds on RAID 0 are extremely quick so it’s often used by video producers and TV producers because their files are large and a fast data throughput is needed when recording, editing and during playback. The downside of RAID 0 is that is has no data redundancy. Data redundancy is a posh way of saying that it only takes a failure of one of the hard disks that make up the RAID 0 and all your data becomes inaccessible. If this happens to you then you will need to contact a RAID data recovery service who should be able to repair the fault on the hard drive and RAID and be able to restore your files to good health.

Another common type of RAID is a RAID 5. This provides good data transfer speeds and has some built in data redundancy too. The data held on a RAID 5 is stored across the hard disks that make up the RAID volume, if one of those hard drives fail the RAID will continue to work without any loss of data at all. If the RAID 5 does loose one of the hard drives due to a fault it’s important that the broken hard drive is swapped out and a working one installed in its place. This is a process known as rebuilding and many RAIDs are clever enough to allow this to happen without having to take the server offline or even power it down. The faulty hard disk is just swapped out and a new one put in – the rebuild is automatic and completed often in a matter of minutes, although the time it takes to rebuild a server does depend on the amount of data it holds. The more data there is stored on it, usually the greater number of hard drives that constitute the RAID set and the longer it takes to rebuild the server.

Rebuilding is usually the method of choice for getting a RAID 5 with a failed drive back up to optimum working levels, but RAID rebuilding can cause a lot of problems. Sometimes the integrity of the data on the RAID server is not rebuilt as it should be ie. it original data contains several corruptions. When a server attempts to rebuild a system using corrupted data the problem is compounded and becomes significantly worse. Basically a problem that existed in one place will now exist in many others, and this happens for every problem that is found on the server during the rebuild process. A server rebuild that has gone wrong is often a worse case scenario for data recovery companies because the rebuild makes restoring the data very difficult and sometimes impossible. Many professional data recovery specialists will advise that server rebuilds are not performed without first checking the integrity of the hard drives in the RAID array and also the integrity of the hard drives themselves.

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November 14th, 2013 at 9:25 am

CCTV Image Recovery from DVR systems

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DVR CCTV system

Recovering crime scene evidence from DVR CCTV systems is a skilled job.

Well, tonight is November 5th, which in the UK is a very auspicious day as it’s Guy Fawkes Night, commonly know as Fireworks Night.

It’s a celebration of an event that happened over 400 years ago in 1605 when a group of disgruntled Catholics tried to blow up King James I. The plot failed, and the perpetrators were all killed, in several nasty ways that we won’t go into. The plot was very nearly successful but was undone by an anonymous tip off sent several days before. Any my point to all this? Well I was just thinking that today the plot wouldn’t get that far as there is CCTV and DVR recording equipment everywhere.

You’d be surprised how often CCTV equipment is deliberately sabotaged by people who have committed criminal acts but fear they may have left traces of their wrong doing on CCTV recorders and been captured by the the surveillance cameras installed.

CCTV and DVR systems are often sent to CCTV and DVR image recovery companies as these firms are often specialists at recovering the data from damaged systems. Video evidence and photographic evidence can often be lost from a DVR for a number or reasons:

  • The data is overwritten – Most DVR recorders use a looping recording – ie. they only record the last 14 days or so and all new data overwrites the old data. This happens a lot and most of the time the image data is not recoverable as it’s been overwritten with more recent footage.
  • The DVR hard disk develops a problem – Hard disks are mechanical devices and as such their moving parts fail. When this happens the data is often recoverable but it’s frequently a specialist job.

Another thing to be aware of is if your CCTV cameras and DVR equipment has captured a criminal act taking place that you want to prosecute, it important to observe particular rules and a chain of custody. These ensure that if your case goes to court the evidence from the DVR CCTV system is admissible.


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Recover RAID data right….

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RAID dataRAID data is usually exceptionally valuable company data and recovering it right is generally crucial to the existence of the business. Their servers are often supplied by raid manufacturers with the capability to utilize various configurations. Because the RAID configuration is most often proprietary, it’s almost never revealed to or shared with additional data recovery companies. That’s the reason RAID data recovery engineers should have years of experience and be able to write recovery applications for each individual RAID data recovery operation.
Step one within the data recovery procedure will acquire the RAID drives’ data copied onto a server or another hard drive so the data set could be reassembled.

Each recovery process is exclusive to a specific RAID array. For instance, a level 0 RAID (also referred to as a RAID 0) is by far the most demanding type of recovery because there is no margin for error, no fault tolerance and thereby. A RAID 0 is composed of two drives, together with the data striped in little sets across one or each of them. The advice that was saved on the failed drive is not duplicated elsewhere, and therefore it is going to be hard or impossible to recover, while there is no equality in a RAID 0.
IBM ServerBecause manufacturers create their internal arrays differently, each RAID data recovery is unique. A RAID recovery engineer needs to have the capacity to find out the organization of data as well as the parity routine to reconstruct the RAID and recover the data. The data is utilized on a file system level as opposed to on a control level. Normally, an NTFS file system is utilized in this type of recovery, since the logical drives may probably be giving the basis for focusing on a RAID picture.

On the flip side, a RAID 5 is made up of three or more pushes and possesses parity data, then when one drive fails, a replacement drive can be utilized for recovery and the variety can be rebuilt. However if two drives of a RAID 5 fail, the recovery procedure becomes more difficult. An experienced RAID data recovery engineer can usually succeed, as the RAID parity continues to be available, if enough data can be saved in the drives.

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September 27th, 2013 at 9:56 am

If your hard disk crashes, is your data covered by the manufacturer’s warranty ?

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(Author’s Update: Data recovery work under warranty is undertaken in the UK by Data Recovery London (http://www.data-recovery-london.net/)

Data recovery warranty http://www.data-recovery-london.netThis was a question that was recently asked on a TV programme. A man’s hard disk crashed and he had lost all his data. Fortunately he was able to get the broken hard disk replaced because of the warranty, but the cost of the data recovery was not included.

To retrieve the data he had sent his hard drive to a data recovery company to get it recovered. The price tag was about £800. But, he also wanted to have that extra cost covered by the same warranty.

Warranties from any hard disk manufacturers don’t include restoration of data. That said, with the long life time and high durability of today’s hard disks perhaps this is something hard disk manufacturers may offer in the future?

Data recovery companies are usually very good at recovering data from most types of conventional hard disk failure – they are not so good at recovering data from drives that have been involved in fires and floods but these are quite rare situations.

Obviously, it’s always worthwhile to backup all your data or at least backup the data that is most important for you. This is the best warranty against data loss.

If you only use your computer for leisure, playing games or surfing the internet you may not need to take any backup at all. But today, more and more people store important information on their computers – documents and family pictures for example. Others store data vital to their professional lives too – this can represent years of work such as an academic thesis legal papers. Most people store at least some important information such as address books, emails, text documents, family pictures, music or company records.

Should you take backup? If so, what type of backup is best for you?

This all depends on the value of the data should it be lost, the time it will take to recreate lost data, and the cost to make the backup in the first place.

In most cases the data you need to backup is limited to specific files or folders. If that is the case you don’t need to backup the complete hard drive and the cost to make backup is reduced. If you only need to backup documents, emails and address books then there are many cheaper alternatives including USB memory sticks, online backup or backup to CD’s/DVD’s.

If you often use important software from the internet then you need to take a full backup of the hard disk at least once every month. This is because nearly all software programs store system related information in the registry, which if lost may mean you are no longer able to run your software.

As an alternative, make sure that you save the installation files and any accompanied software registration keys in one specific folder after you have downloaded the software. If you do this and include the folder in one of your regular smaller backups, then you will not be too badly effected should your hard drive fail.

Another way to deal with system downtime if you have a hard disk crash is to create and keep a disk image. This is a snapshot of the entire hard disk which can be used to restore your computer on your new hard disk. Included in the disk image software is a boot utility. From it you can create boot diskettes or boot CD’s.

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September 17th, 2013 at 12:42 pm