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Burnt Chip on Hard Drive and RAID SAN Data Recovery

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Burnt Chip on hard drive

I have an old Western Digital 160gb 3.5inch Sata Harddrive and some years ago it stopped working. It initial started clicking and then there was a smell coming from it. I removed from pc and plugged it into a USB to Sata converter to try and retrieve anything from it, i noticed it was making a smell again so i removed the PCB and it had a burnt chip on. I put it away thinking I would get back to it at some point but now a few years have gone I have the drive but no PCB board attached. Is there anyway this device can be looked at to try and get any photos or video files from it (they are of my daughter and son when they were born and very young. Hopefully these days it is a more simple process that it would have been back then.

RAID SAN Data Recovery

I wondered if you could help? We have twelve 6TB SATA Toshiba HDDs in a RAID5 configuration from a SAN. Two HDDs have failed. The device was attached to a server running Windows 2012. Approximately 40TB of data is stored on the array, only about 10TB of it is required.
I am trying to establish the likelihood of recovery, timescale and costs. Earlier today I contacted two other data recovery companies and I found that the quotes provided were vague and had price ranges which varied wildly. Are you able to provide something more certain as my organisation needs to establish at an early stage whether we wish to pursue the recovery attempt?

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October 4th, 2022 at 1:39 pm

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Hard drive recovery

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In this post we focus on hard drive recovery, what it is, how it works and the leaders in the data recovery business sector. Below are instances of people with unresponsive hard drives who require a data recovery service.

Drive powers up, not recognized on PC, makes loud clicking noise (3.5″ drive)

External dropped, sounds like stiction, quoted usual 450 – 500 plus etc. according to results. Only after gone when booking in realised had been opened, this not mentioned by customer, will have to contact and explain re diag. Contains family photo collection.

I deleted files on my C drive and I’m unable to recover them.

My iomega external hard drive has stopped communication with the Laptop, its power light is working and you can hear the drive spinning, however, its not recognised when the USB cable is plugged in

Possible read/write head issue. 2gb drive I need data recovered on behalf of a client of mine

Laptop hard disk – sounds like bad sectors – local IT shop cannot access it

Its a Seagate 1tb hard drive Model SRD00F1 that has a blue light blinking when plugged in but stopped showing upon the computer altogether a couple of weeks ago. I’ve bought a new cable, which made no difference. It doesn’t appear in disk utility or any other way on my Mac and I have tried to see it on another Mac with no success. Can you recommend a hard drive recovery service please as the hard drive contains my entire work portfolio and all my photos from the past few years

1TB WD – device booting up but not giving access to laptop. been taken out of laptop – said laptop was making noises but thinks that was laptop booting. No unusual noises.

I have a hard drive that worked perfectly and all of a sudden stopped it now says to many bad sectors . It had some images from my work in the early days of my photography but it’s the images etc of my little boy I am wanting to recover . Do you think this is possible please ?

Drive fell from desk onto floor whilst in a portable drive caddy. Windows Disk Management now sees it as an Unitialized Drive. Drive does not sound normal spinning up – sounds like the heads are stuck

My portable drives wire stopped working and I paid for a new one from amazon however no luck, The portable drive light is still working but not coming up when I put the USB into my computer. Is there absolutely any chance of recovering the files on the disc? With the light coming on you’d presume it’s not broken?

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August 6th, 2020 at 11:06 am