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Hard drive doesn’t connect

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At the beginning of the year, I had a new hard drive put in to my laptop (an HP pavillion that I believe I got at the end of 2015). It had been very slow and lagging, hence the new hard drive that was fitted in Canada. A few months later, I noticed it was having issues connecting my external hard drive. It would keep connecting and disconnecting with the slightest movement, regardless of which port it was connected to. I did drop the hard drive at one point though I honestly cannot remember when. I am not sure if the issues started occurring before or after. I was also having problems getting my iPod to be recognized. Eventually that reformatted itself and I lost all the songs on it. Managed to sort that out on my own and miraculously got the music back on. I am now completely unable to use the external hard drive (which has all of a sudden died). I was trying to back it up on to a friend’s portable hard drive and it stopped when it said a particular photo couldn’t be transferred. It gave the option to retry, which my friend did and it proceeded to do nothing. I have tried plugging it in to each of the ports on my laptop, have tried switching the cord and plugging it in. It just makes a noise that does not sound remotely promising and does not connect. Leaves the F drive with a question mark and then has meant that I’ve had to shut down my laptop to disconnect it. Tried connecting it to my friend’s laptop and the same thing happened. I would take it back to the place I took it in Canada but I am living over in Ireland. I will be in London from the 5th to the 19th of November and was thinking that your company looks like a good place to try. I would be staying in Kingston upon Thames. I was just wondering if I could get an estimate for the typical price to try and recover data from an external hard drive? Do you think it would be feasible for work to be done on it in that time period? Would I need to purchase a new portable hard drive to send with the damaged one so that the files could be transferred (provided they are able to be retrieved)?I did attempt calling but I am guessing I need either international minutes or something as nothing happened when I rand from my Irish SIM card.

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November 20th, 2023 at 1:45 pm