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Retrieve files from broken hard drives and phones

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Transcend 1tb. The hard drive has failed and I’ve been told it mechanical. The hard drive is a Seagate ST1000LM024 (tech specs here). I believe it’s fairly common fault.

WD Green (WD30EZRX)
Drive powers up and plates spin, but HDD is not seen by PC in windows or BIOS.
If a fix is possible a qoute would be appreciated, ideally by e-mail as access to my phone is limited while at work. hdd has a slightly scratched surface and reader heads not reading

broken hard drive

The hard drive does not power up so think it may be the connections. Would you be able to recover and roughly how much is it likely to cost?

I have an iPod Touch 4 which i have accidentally disabled due to too many failed password attempts (also do not have the trusted PC). I have a lot of photos on there which i would like back. Am i best off wiping the device and sending this to you for data recovery? If so, what is the success rate for something like this?

I have a WD3200BEVT that was dropped on the floor. Never worked since and not recognised by any laptop/computer. Could you give me a quote for data recovery please?

I need to recover some deleted texts, potentially for use in a court case. So I’m wanting to use a forensic data recovery service.

I have a 1TB seagate backup plus portable drive with roughly 250GB of photos on it which is no longer working. I have plugged it into multiple laptops and have been unable to access the drive. What are my options?

Internal hard drive is making clicking noises when starting up. No device is able to pick it up when plugged in. Hopefully still recoverable! Thank you

old nokia 6131 phone, not great condition wont charge and most keys dont work. want to recover photos

I have a laptop computer that is fully encrypted by Check Point Endpoint security and I am unable to use the laptop. The information on the hard drive is necessary, so I wish for the files to be recovered.

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October 16th, 2019 at 12:09 pm