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Data Recovery in Preston, Warrington and Lancaster

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WD My Passport Data Recovery in Preston

WD My Passport 2TB (USB 3.0) External Hard Drive recently stopped connecting to my mac, with pressure applied and when putting into the slot the hard drive will mount but as soon as I let go it loses connection so my best guess is the port or slot on the drive itself is either damaged or is faulty though I haven’t dropped the drive and all data is working but I just cannot keep the drive connected for long and there is a lot of important files on the hard drive which I can’t access without a lot of time and effort to try and move the usb to a certain position for it to mount. Please help, I live in Preston and am looking for a data recovery service on my hard drive

Drive spins and gets warm but system cannot see it at all. SATA/USB converter connector also doesn’t see a disk attached

Hard Drive Recovery in Lancaster, Lancashire

Data recovery in Manchester and North West England, including Preston, Warrington and LancasterYears ago my hdd went dead (no longer spinning) after applying wrong psu. In fact I think it blew up and has obvious burnt mark. So obviously, I can’t access the files on the hard drive anymore. We are based in Lancaster, Lancashire. Can the files be got back?
I had then bought the exact same hdd with same pcb number (had it imported from the us) in view of getting it fixed but the quotes at the time were very high.
I dont have the details in hand (model etc…) but I know I still have them both.
How much would u quote a repair if I provide u the other pcb?
There loads pictures of my partner’s nan who has since passed away.

Get Files Back in Preston

Hi, the external hard drive in our office in Preston is not working for some reason and I have about 60GB size of my old pictures. When I right click for information it’s showing 60GB is used and have remaining 20GB but there isn’t any pics in it. Is there anyway we can get this data back? Please advise. I’m based in Preston as well and I can certainly pop in to see you whenever it’s convenient for you.

Hard Disk stopped working in Warrington

My computer hard disk has stopped working and is no longer detected even on a different computer.
I think it has stopped functioning but there was data on it and I need to get it recovered.
Where are you based (we are in Warrington) and how much is the evaluation for checking if data can be retrieved?

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November 13th, 2019 at 11:42 am