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RAID Data Recovery – A review of Data Clinic Bury, Manchester

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I had a Synology 5 disk nas (raid5). With 2 problem hdd’s one had failed and the second was full of errors. I needed a RAID data recovery service – ideally in Manchester or somewhere in the North West. The data on the RAID was critical and I needed to get the files back. I knew of a Data Clinic in Bury at the Pavilions, Bridge Hall Lane, Greater Manchester and decided to take my RAID 5 nas in for data recovery.

The service I received was wonderful and they succeeded in recovering all my files from the Synology server. 5 stars for Data Clinic’s RAID data recovery team in Bury.

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January 6th, 2020 at 3:04 pm

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Hard drive doesn’t connect

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At the beginning of the year, I had a new hard drive put in to my laptop (an HP pavillion that I believe I got at the end of 2015). It had been very slow and lagging, hence the new hard drive that was fitted in Canada. A few months later, I noticed it was having issues connecting my external hard drive. It would keep connecting and disconnecting with the slightest movement, regardless of which port it was connected to. I did drop the hard drive at one point though I honestly cannot remember when. I am not sure if the issues started occurring before or after. I was also having problems getting my iPod to be recognized. Eventually that reformatted itself and I lost all the songs on it. Managed to sort that out on my own and miraculously got the music back on. I am now completely unable to use the external hard drive (which has all of a sudden died). I was trying to back it up on to a friend’s portable hard drive and it stopped when it said a particular photo couldn’t be transferred. It gave the option to retry, which my friend did and it proceeded to do nothing. I have tried plugging it in to each of the ports on my laptop, have tried switching the cord and plugging it in. It just makes a noise that does not sound remotely promising and does not connect. Leaves the F drive with a question mark and then has meant that I’ve had to shut down my laptop to disconnect it. Tried connecting it to my friend’s laptop and the same thing happened. I would take it back to the place I took it in Canada but I am living over in Ireland. I will be in London from the 5th to the 19th of November and was thinking that your company looks like a good place to try. I would be staying in Kingston upon Thames. I was just wondering if I could get an estimate for the typical price to try and recover data from an external hard drive? Do you think it would be feasible for work to be done on it in that time period? Would I need to purchase a new portable hard drive to send with the damaged one so that the files could be transferred (provided they are able to be retrieved)?I did attempt calling but I am guessing I need either international minutes or something as nothing happened when I rand from my Irish SIM card.

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November 20th, 2023 at 1:45 pm

Hard drive PCB board swaps and SSD woes

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Swapping PCB boards on hard drives
Not sure if it is the 1TB or 2TB.
The drive powers up and I can hear it spinning but not recognized by PC.
I bought another WD My Book to see if the fault was with the board and not the drive, but even after I opened and swapped it out it is still now working.
I can supply both sets of devices.

Kioxia ssd drive recovery
I have a Kioxia CM6-V drive. I used nvme-cli to activate firmware slot 2, it was all working fine, even showed the firmware version being active, however after cold boot the firmware seems to not initialise, the device still shows via lspci but the nvme drive doesn’t appear in the OS nor in uefi bios.
So it seems I need to go back to firmware slot 1 for the drive to function again.
Not concerned about the data as it was just mainly a downloads drive. However it seems in order to activate firmware slot 1 with the drive in its current state, it would require an engineer to use the appropriate method such as jtag etc I presume.
Is this something you can do with this drive?

For recommended data recovery in the UK take a look at this article: http://datareplayservices.com/iphone-macbook-imac-and-external-usb-hard-drive-recovery/

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April 13th, 2023 at 11:22 am

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BIOS freeze and Quadcomm Crashdump

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WD Passport Ultra stopped working – BIOS Freezes

WD My Passport Ultra stopped working on laptop. Brought to PC for investigation – not being recognised in file explorer, device manager, and disk management. Tried checking if BIOS recognised it, but when plugged in it prevents PC from POSTing. Very strange. Disconnect drive, POST PC, get into BIOS, insert USB then BIOS freezes. Unplug, BIOS unfreezes.
Drive makes normal sounds when plugged in, spools up fine, sounds like it’s reading for a minute, then makes a very brief blip/chirp sound then starts the process again.
Went through troubleshooting solutions on Google to no avail.
Returned to laptop and it appears in device manager but fails to populate with data on drive size etc. Appears in disk management but again, no drive size etc., unable to assign drive designation.
Laptop is Windows 8 (not mine…), PC Windows 10.

OnePlus Data Recovery – Quadcomm Crashdump

Hi, I’m in Belfast, NI and I was wondering if you could help with some data recovery from my OnePlus6 smartphone? It was working as normal one day and then in the evening while it was charging it started switching on and off. Eventually ended up at ‘Quadcomm crashdump‘ as the error message. I managed to get it to recovery mode a few times and cleared the cache. Even got it on for 30 seconds one time and saw the data was still all there but then it crashed and I think OS is beyond operating now. I know I could reset the entire system but I’d lose the data which is the one thing I don’t want to do.
I’m just interested in getting pictures, videos and recorded audio files off it even if it means losing the phone if it has to be taken apart. I tried 2 repair shops in Belfast city centre but neither of them had any luck beyond what I had. I suspect the actual memory chip might need to be removed if you’re able to do that sort of thing? Many thanks for your time and help.

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January 10th, 2023 at 12:05 pm

Burnt Chip on Hard Drive and RAID SAN Data Recovery

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Burnt Chip on hard drive

I have an old Western Digital 160gb 3.5inch Sata Harddrive and some years ago it stopped working. It initial started clicking and then there was a smell coming from it. I removed from pc and plugged it into a USB to Sata converter to try and retrieve anything from it, i noticed it was making a smell again so i removed the PCB and it had a burnt chip on. I put it away thinking I would get back to it at some point but now a few years have gone I have the drive but no PCB board attached. Is there anyway this device can be looked at to try and get any photos or video files from it (they are of my daughter and son when they were born and very young. Hopefully these days it is a more simple process that it would have been back then.

RAID SAN Data Recovery

I wondered if you could help? We have twelve 6TB SATA Toshiba HDDs in a RAID5 configuration from a SAN. Two HDDs have failed. The device was attached to a server running Windows 2012. Approximately 40TB of data is stored on the array, only about 10TB of it is required.
I am trying to establish the likelihood of recovery, timescale and costs. Earlier today I contacted two other data recovery companies and I found that the quotes provided were vague and had price ranges which varied wildly. Are you able to provide something more certain as my organisation needs to establish at an early stage whether we wish to pursue the recovery attempt?

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October 4th, 2022 at 1:39 pm

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Dell HDD error 7 and Go Pro Recovery

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Error 7 HDD diagnostic
My Dell / Western Digital Blue laptop HDD, has stopped working correctly.
After running internal HDD diagnostic it shows up with a code / status 7 error every time.
After taking the drive out of the laptop and plugging it into a external caddy into my main PC.
It manages to loads some files/directories but others come up with a “corrupted or damaged” error.
Dell HDDI’ve also tried running the diagnostic tool SpinRite 6 to recover the driver this has also failed.
As such I am out of ideas and do not wish to damage the drive itself by opening it in an household environment.
I would be grateful of any assistance you can provide.

GoPro Data Recovery
I have a question regarding a potential data recovery job that I’m hoping you could help me with. To set the background the files are .360 video files shot on a GoPro MAX of size approximately 300MB and I believe there to be two files which were taken and individually deleted on 01.05.22. The SD card on which they were written to is a 16GB microSD card and has had no data written to it since. I personally own copies of Easeus and Sandisk Rescue Pro data recovery software which I have ran on the SD card. From what it looks like the software has actually managed to find and recover what I think to be the correct files at their full file size (304MB and 253MB). However they were recovered as .mp4 files rather than .360 and I am unable to play them back. I have tried to change the file format to .360 and use the GoPro player to play them back but they are still unplayable. I am hoping that you would be able to advise me further with regards to professionally repairing the corrupted files or recovery by a different means.

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July 11th, 2022 at 9:33 am

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Macbook lost data and cryptocurrency

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MacBook Pro Data Recovery
My MacBook Pro (2013 model as described at https://support.apple.com/kb/SP668?locale=en_GB)’s internal hardrive (in fact, an SSD drive if I understand well) died on me a few weeks ago. My laptop crashed, so I pressed the power button as I sometimes do in order to restart it. But my MacBook didn’t start (the screen displayed a folder icon with a question mark on it) as the drive was no longer recognised by my MacBook. I went to an Apple Store and they mounted the SSD drive on one of their adapters – it wasn’t recognised either. It looks like the problem was caused by a short-circuit/overvoltage.
data lossI have already sent the SSD drive to a lab that specialises in data recovery. They were rather optimistic at first, but after keeping it for two weeks they told me the drive was too damaged and no data could be recovered.
I have no backup as I had lost my TimeMachine backup a couple of weeks before. I have basically lost all my data from the past 20 years. This is a very hard pill to swallow. So I’m willing to leave no stone unturned in order to try and recover my data.
Do you believe you might be able to help me, I am anxious to retrieve the data from the hard drive as it contains a Bitcoin wallet and I’ve heard that you are experts in recovering this? Or do you think if another lab was unable to recover the data nothing can be done about it?

Lost Data Compensation
I require a quote for retrieving files from the HDD to form part of a compensation claim….
My laptop went in to a company for a software upgrade and came back with no desktop files, they did not back anything up before hand and so I’ve lost all my files, apparently the hard drive is corrupted they told the court but my solicitor requires 3 quotes to present to the court to determine my compensation level. The matter is further complicated because the laptop contained a Metamask cryptocurrency application that is worth quite a lot of money. I’ve reached out to the Metamask support forum but without success.


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May 23rd, 2022 at 10:37 am

Recover cryptocurrency – Metamask browser extension

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Metamask wallet extensionI recently had an issue where I lost my Metamask wallet and couldn’t access my cryptocurrency. I had been using the Metamask browser extension on the Chrome browser and I’m not exactly sure how the problem occurred.

Inside my Metamask wallet was about £10000 of cryptocurrency, so I’m sure you can understand why I was anxious to get it back. Google searches revealed some excellent results in the form of recovering a lost Metamask wallet using a browser extension and with the help of that site I was able to learn how to get my cryptocurrency back.

One of the things I didn’t do, which I now understand would have hampered my attempts was to delete the Metamask extension and reinstall it. In some cases this removes the wallet data and once that has happened the Metamask account can’t be recovered.

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April 27th, 2022 at 12:52 pm

iPhone, MacBook, iMac and External (USB) hard drive recovery

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In this article we examine data recovery from

  • iPhone
  • MacBook and iMac
  • External (USB) hard drive recovery

iPhone 11 Recovery London

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that was dropped in water. During the day it was dropped there were a lot of photos taken as we were on holiday, the phone backs up every evening so the latest back up is the night before, therefore photos taken from that day were not backed up. I need the data from the phone and am looking to find a data recovery service in London. I understand Data Clinic Ltd may be able to help?
We are trying to recover the photos, from what I understand the phone is unlikely to be restored to full working order so we’re just trying to recover those photos.
Originally, it was turning on and receiving notifications however the screen was totally unresponsive. We took it to a repair shop in London and they were unable to fix it, and now it appears to be stuck in a boot loop. Would you be able to help recover the photos?

Mac Recovery

I was searching for someone who could provide a Mac data recovery service as I want to recover my photos from two Apple Macs that I have. One says to format now and i cannot see the images which i had i wanted that sorted. From the second Mac i want the deleted pictures recovered and the ones saved on it i cannot view also. If it is possible to see them that would be great. All pictures got deleted from the both my MacBook Pro and my iMac, i tried recovering them using the software online and only managed to recover some and from them some are not viewable are black as i saved them on the same hard drive which i shouldn’t have. However if the deleted pictures could be recovered from them it would be great and after recovery i would like the memory cards back also. Please let me know if you are able to do this for me. I am willing to come to London to drop the cards off and for collection also.

External hard drive recovery

I’m looking for an external (USB) hard drive recovery service. I have a Seagate and a Western Digital hard drive and I need the data recovered from both of them. The drives are still recognised by the computer but I can’t get any further as they don’t show up on Finder or Windows Explorer. I’m hoping you can return the data to me on another hard drive that I can then plug into my Mac or my Windows machine and access the recovered data again.

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March 16th, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Recoverying cryptocurrency and Bitlocker

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Bitcoin wallet recovery at dataclinic.co.ukI have lost access to my cryptocurrency wallet. I have an ADATA SP600 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s Premier Pro 128GB that is completely dead. It does not power up and it contains my cryptocurrency. It is not recognised. Have tried other cables/other computers with it. I just wondered if there is any hope for it and if so how much it would likely cost to get the wallet.dat file off it.

MetaMask wallet enquiry
I sold my computer and bought a new one , install metamask chrome extension and input my seed phrase , metamask generated a new different address and I cannot find the way to get access to my previous address,I have tried created new account under the same seed phrase but the one I am looking for is not showing up, I can still see the Lost address on etherscan with the funds in it but, I can’t figure out how to gain access to that address again, I believe the metamask vault of the address I am looking for is somewhere in the computer I sold but unfortunately I have no access to that device,is there a way you could help me with this issue?

Samsung EVO 850 M.2 250Gb (~6 year old).
Drive recognised in Bios and Device Manager (Windows 11), however not recognised in Disk Management / diskpart.
Drive also not recognised under Linux (with fdisk -l command); also showing the following error: ata1.00: failed to enable AA (error_mask=0x1)

Bitlocker password on hard drive can’t access
I have a bitlocker on an external drive, password lost and no recovery key. Can you recover data from a Bitlocker hard drive?

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January 14th, 2022 at 1:39 pm

Synology Diskstation and Smartphone data recovery

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samsung a40 smartphoneSamsung Galaxy A40 smartphone data recovery
Samsung Galaxy A40 smartphone, 2yrs old. Screen went green and then black yesterday. No obvious accident to account for the fault. Have changed SIM into a new handset but as I can’t access the lock screen i have no way of extracting the data on the mobile. I wish to recover the photographs and videos and contacts only. I live in Southampton and notice you have an office there.

Power problem on hard drive
Pretty sure I just zapped my storage HDD while doing some case management. That’s a 4TB Seagate. I also have two much older dead drives which I’ve been meaning to send to a recovery service to see if anything can be salvaged, but I have no idea what’s wrong with those any more. If you could quote me for one drive with a power issue and two with an unknown issue I’d be very grateful.

iPhone 8 water damagediphone 8
I have a badly broken and water damaged iphone8 that won’t switch on at all and I’m hoping to have the data recovered from it if possible. Can you tell me if it is possible that you can repair the badly damaged phone, is there a good chance you should be able to recover app data, specifically I’m really interested in recovering Viber messages and WhatsApp messages please? Are these specific app messages usually able to be recovered have you found previously? I’ve heard that Data Clinic provide iPhone data recovery services in the UK – please help to rescue my files.

Synology Diskstation data recovery
Synology Diskstation DS212j fitted with 2x WD Red 2.0TB drives and configured using the Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) type. DSM version 6.2.4
System crashed recently and I’ve been unable to rectify myself. I’m pretty sure the hard drives are physically OK.
Having searched the Synology help I tried initiating a reinstall of DSM, as the info I found suggested that this would maintain my data. I managed to start the process but noticed in the prompts for the processes that it would format the data partition – at this point I did panic and shut the diskstation down manually to interrupt the process while it was formatting the system partition.
Please can you advise what recovery services you might be able to offer?
I am based in Leeds and work about half a mile away from your Leeds location on Gelderd Road and so could drop it off in person.

WD My Passport external hard drive
My WD My Passport external hard drive has developed issues registering on my computer (“device descriptor request failed”). I’m near to Coventry so I suppose the nearest Data Clinic office is in Leicester ? The hard drive contains a back up of all of of my personal photos, videos etc. as well as important documents, therefore I need to ensure that all of my files are safe, as it’s my only back-up. Would it be possible to please provide a quote and soonest possible timings for repair/recovery? I have purchased a replacement (empty) hard drive which can be used to store recovered files, if needed. Ideally it would be fantastic if this could be achieved by the end of October, but please let me know what’s possible.

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October 14th, 2021 at 2:06 pm

Sony Xperia XZ3 phone data recovery

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Phone data recovery

You have been recommended to me by a friend who has an IT company, who has used you previously in Liverpool
Just wondering if you could help me with my iPhone which is completely damaged (suspected dropped and run over by a car).
I can’t get it connect to a laptop but I didn’t know whether this is because I can’t press approve on the damaged screen or if it just isn’t connecting. When plugged in to charge it does get hot, but again I don’t know if this is due to the battery being damaged or because it’s trying to power up the damaged screen – I’m presuming the former.
Unfortunately it isn’t backed up due to my laptop being old and not being able to download the latest iTunes etc.
Apple have said they could attempt to fix it but have said they would factory reset it and lose everything off it, so I’m looking for someone that could help recover everything off the phone.
Thinking mainly all the photos & videos but as much as possible / everything off there would be great.
I believe it could be taken apart and the ‘hard drive’ isolated / fixed to retrieve the data and I’m hoping this could be the case.
I’d really appreciate if you could let me know if you think this is possible and any associated costs or details please? Also where are you located in Liverpool?

Data recovery on Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia XZ3I have a Sony Xperia XZ3 which just died on me one morning. It had a habit of freezing every now and then (I’d had it over 2 years) so I reset it by holding the volume key and power button. It was on charge at this point, and usually it does the shutting down process but the screen just went blank and the charge indicator disappeared. I tried to turn it back on with no avail, it was just blank and dead.
I had a spare phone so removed the SIM and switched devices and realize the phone didn’t have a memory card in it so all of my pictures and videos from the last 2 1/2 years are lost.
My husband took my phone to a phone shop to see if they could repair it. They tried replacing the battery, it didn’t work. They asked to send it off to their specialist’s but they were unsuccessful in getting the phone to power up. They had tried directly powering the phone by bypassing the battery but with no joy. Specialist’s have said the phone is not salvageable and the only option to recover the data would be to go down the chip-off recovery option. Is this something you could help with please? Like everyone, my pictures and videos are precious memories to me. They’re the memories of my girl’s being born, my Nan, my little girl’s first steps. I’m so annoyed with myself for not having a memory card in, or backing up the data. ( I didn’t realize android’s could back up for some daft reason.) I don’t care if the phone is not salvageable, I just want the images and videos back.

Samsung tablet recovery

My samsung tablet recently died and am am unable to access any of my data. i have tried everything including taking it for repairs. for now the only thing am interested in is the data on my Tab. I have read of the great work you do and i would really appreciate if you help me out.

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August 8th, 2021 at 9:39 am

Bristol and Leicester Data Recovery

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WD Elements doesn’t fire / spin up
My WD ELEMENTS DESKTOP 1TB external hard drive will no longer fire up / spin and is not recognised by any PC. I am looking to recover family photos in particular and am based in Leicester. I can call into Data Clinic on St George’s Way Leicester if that helps?

Both my laptop and my external hard drive appear to have issues. I have stopped using the laptop but need to remove the information but it has basically just completely stopped – possibly from over use? The external hard drive has only just started to haev problems, it si a WD passport and clicks and whirs when I plug it in and isnt detected on my windows laptop. This is recent but it contains a lot of vital information.


WD External recovery needed
I have an external hard drive (model: WD My Passport Red/Mudder Case 1TB) which has predominately image files saved on it. I live just outside Bristol and believe Data Clinic have a data recovery office at Castlemead?
The hard drive is not being recognised when plugging in, regardless if plugged into a mac or windows laptop.
The hard drive didn’t sustain any obvious damage ie broken; water damage etc and stopped working from one day to the other.
I’d appreciate a quote on a possible data recovery.

Seagate in HP Pavilion
I have a Seagate SATA 160GB disk used previously in an HP Pavilion laptop before it broke down. The disk is not recognised and there are some quite sentimental files on there I would like to recover. The disk has been removed from the laptop.

Phone dropped in the Sea
My phone was dropped to the sea about a month ago. I took it to the phone service shop to recover my pictures, but they told me that it is not possible to do it. As you have advaced technology and experienced engineers maybe you would be able to recover my gallery (exact dates: 31/03/2021 and 01/04/2021). I would be very grateful if you would give me any hope.
Please let me know if there are any possibilities and how much it would cost.

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May 10th, 2021 at 1:28 pm

Greater Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Bolton Data Recovery

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February 21st, 2021 at 1:10 pm

Certified Repaired Hard Drive

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This was the second drive in my desktop computer, where I kept my Windows profile. All my data was either in the Windows profile or outside of it, but on this drive. Windows was installed on another drive.

Certified Repaired HDD
One day (a few years ago) this drive started making (clicking) noises, and Windows started giving errors. It still worked, and I copied most of the data to another drive. However for some directories and files it gave errors. When Windows gave errors, the drive would disappear so I had to reboot, then it would be recognized again until I accessed certain data. To eliminate the time consuming process of rebooting I mounted it into an external USB hard drive bay, and I was able to copy most of the (still accessible) data that way.
That is the last known state of the drive. It still probably works but I didn’t want to keep trying to avoid possible degradation.
The label on the HDD states ‘Certified Repaired HDD‘ – by Seagate.

Hard drive freezes
Though my hardrive appears when connected to my laptop, it freezes when trying to open it/access any files and multiple attempts at using disk utility has failed to fix the issue. I believe the problem is multiple bad sectors as the hardrive continually causes programs on my laptop to freeze and thus I have to remove the drive without ejecting, likely causing further bad sectors. The drive came as a certified repaired drive from Seagate, but I have the opinion that it’s not a very good hard drive. I sometimes hear a beep noise too coming from the drive. I’ve tried downloading software to extract the files from the drive but it is so corrupted that it just causes my laptop to freeze. I was wondering if there was any way to retrieve my data and if this is solvable.

I have a seagate go flex drive which we cant access even though we have the passwords etc, it seems the drive has failed. it has our family photos on it, approx 1.7 gb of data [not 100% of how much is on there]. would you be able to retrieve the data? also what would be the costs?

Seagate Backup Plus external driver dropped. Makes beeping sound when trying to power up and not recognised by computer. Windows USB sound made but no drive available. Power light on HDD doesn’t come on either. Email only please, at work so can’t answer phone.

Please avoid ‘Certified Repaired’ hard drives, they are not up to the standard of brand new hard drives.

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January 26th, 2021 at 3:46 pm

Help with Samsung A50 Phone and WD HDD on Disk Manager

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Samsung A50 phoneIn this post we discuss saving photos from a broken Samsung A50 phone and a Western Digital Elements hard drive that is not showing up on Disk Manager.

Need help saving photos on a Samsung A50 phone
Before I broke the display on my Samsung A50 phone, I had a fingerprint and a template, but after changing the display, only the template I don’t remember remained. I asked at Samsung services but they said that factory settings are needed. Is there any chance you can help me remove the template or at least save my photos?

WD Element not showing on disk manager
This drive came from a WD Element external drive which I took out to use internally (this was a while ago). During a power surge, related to a faulty USB hub, this particular hard drive decided to not show up on disk manager. I then decided to disconnect it and reconnect it externally via a SATA-to-USB interface. Windows is not seeing any data on these partition, even though the drive was almost full, and prompts me to format (which I didn’t). The drive seems to be healthy and functional. There is a lot of important data on this hard drive and I need the folder structure to be preserved for the data to be useful.

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December 9th, 2020 at 12:44 pm

Intel Boot Agent – Need data recovery

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500GB 2.5″ Seagate laptop HDD has failed. Laptop wouldn’t boot up, and was presenting the Intel Boot Agent. Tested the hard drive in another laptop and had the same issue. Have tried using a USB to SATA to see if the data could be transferred off of the drive, but this was unsuccessful. The drive wasn’t spinning at all when plugged in.

There seems to be an issue with the USB port on my ‘my passport’ WD hard drive. It often does not stay connected to the laptop. The hard drive works as normal when in very specific positions but looses connectivity if it gets moved slightly. Now it’s stopped working and I when i boot up the computer I get the Intel boot agent screen come on. I do not know what I need to do next – can you help me? I want to retrieve my data.

Intel Boot Agent screen

I am a photography student and ALL my entire work collection is on my hard drive and it won’t show up and my computer not longer boots. I have tried a variety of agents, leads, restarting my computer but nothing shows! 🙁 please please advise what i can do to recover my files as i don’t have back ups. I am devastated. I can come into the shop tomorrow as I need the files back urgently as i have so many deadlines coming up.

Advice: There are a lot of data recovery companies mentioned in this blog who can assist you in recovering your files if you are seeing the Inte Boot Agent screen – for recommendations, go to the homepage of this blog.

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November 2nd, 2020 at 2:53 pm

Memory Card data recovery

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An event has been captured on a digital camera, the images saved straight onto a 32gb sd memory card.
Approximately 300 Images were copied over to a mac book laptop after the event. or so we thought.
In actual fact, in the destination folder on the laptop, only 250 of them successfully copied, as for the rest, they are ‘greyed-out’, when they are clicked to open, a error message states, ‘this file can not be opened as it is in use by another program’.
-There is no other program opened with the images in use.
-The original 32GB SD memory has been formatted since. then another event was shot and saved onto this same memory.
Please let me know if you can help, if your service comes with a no data, no fee policy and what your price is for a job of this nature.

Card is an XQD card (possibly Sony), which has been accidentally formatted. Nothing written to it since, they ran some Sony device checking app over the card which could ‘see’ some files but could not access or recover them (customer assures me nothing overwritten). She will need to get authorisation but thinks they might go for Priority and get this overnighted to us themselves. They would also provide RM and an adaptor/reader (I don’t think we have seen this format before and none of our readers seem to mention it )

memory cards

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September 9th, 2020 at 3:15 pm

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Hard drive recovery

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In this post we focus on hard drive recovery, what it is, how it works and the leaders in the data recovery business sector. Below are instances of people with unresponsive hard drives who require a data recovery service.

Drive powers up, not recognized on PC, makes loud clicking noise (3.5″ drive)

External dropped, sounds like stiction, quoted usual 450 – 500 plus etc. according to results. Only after gone when booking in realised had been opened, this not mentioned by customer, will have to contact and explain re diag. Contains family photo collection.

I deleted files on my C drive and I’m unable to recover them.

My iomega external hard drive has stopped communication with the Laptop, its power light is working and you can hear the drive spinning, however, its not recognised when the USB cable is plugged in

Possible read/write head issue. 2gb drive I need data recovered on behalf of a client of mine

Laptop hard disk – sounds like bad sectors – local IT shop cannot access it

Its a Seagate 1tb hard drive Model SRD00F1 that has a blue light blinking when plugged in but stopped showing upon the computer altogether a couple of weeks ago. I’ve bought a new cable, which made no difference. It doesn’t appear in disk utility or any other way on my Mac and I have tried to see it on another Mac with no success. Can you recommend a hard drive recovery service please as the hard drive contains my entire work portfolio and all my photos from the past few years

1TB WD – device booting up but not giving access to laptop. been taken out of laptop – said laptop was making noises but thinks that was laptop booting. No unusual noises.

I have a hard drive that worked perfectly and all of a sudden stopped it now says to many bad sectors . It had some images from my work in the early days of my photography but it’s the images etc of my little boy I am wanting to recover . Do you think this is possible please ?

Drive fell from desk onto floor whilst in a portable drive caddy. Windows Disk Management now sees it as an Unitialized Drive. Drive does not sound normal spinning up – sounds like the heads are stuck

My portable drives wire stopped working and I paid for a new one from amazon however no luck, The portable drive light is still working but not coming up when I put the USB into my computer. Is there absolutely any chance of recovering the files on the disc? With the light coming on you’d presume it’s not broken?

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August 6th, 2020 at 11:06 am