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Dell HDD error 7 and Go Pro Recovery

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Error 7 HDD diagnostic
My Dell / Western Digital Blue laptop HDD, has stopped working correctly.
After running internal HDD diagnostic it shows up with a code / status 7 error every time.
After taking the drive out of the laptop and plugging it into a external caddy into my main PC.
It manages to loads some files/directories but others come up with a “corrupted or damaged” error.
Dell HDDI’ve also tried running the diagnostic tool SpinRite 6 to recover the driver this has also failed.
As such I am out of ideas and do not wish to damage the drive itself by opening it in an household environment.
I would be grateful of any assistance you can provide.

GoPro Data Recovery
I have a question regarding a potential data recovery job that I’m hoping you could help me with. To set the background the files are .360 video files shot on a GoPro MAX of size approximately 300MB and I believe there to be two files which were taken and individually deleted on 01.05.22. The SD card on which they were written to is a 16GB microSD card and has had no data written to it since. I personally own copies of Easeus and Sandisk Rescue Pro data recovery software which I have ran on the SD card. From what it looks like the software has actually managed to find and recover what I think to be the correct files at their full file size (304MB and 253MB). However they were recovered as .mp4 files rather than .360 and I am unable to play them back. I have tried to change the file format to .360 and use the GoPro player to play them back but they are still unplayable. I am hoping that you would be able to advise me further with regards to professionally repairing the corrupted files or recovery by a different means.

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