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BIOS freeze and Quadcomm Crashdump

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WD Passport Ultra stopped working – BIOS Freezes

WD My Passport Ultra stopped working on laptop. Brought to PC for investigation – not being recognised in file explorer, device manager, and disk management. Tried checking if BIOS recognised it, but when plugged in it prevents PC from POSTing. Very strange. Disconnect drive, POST PC, get into BIOS, insert USB then BIOS freezes. Unplug, BIOS unfreezes.
Drive makes normal sounds when plugged in, spools up fine, sounds like it’s reading for a minute, then makes a very brief blip/chirp sound then starts the process again.
Went through troubleshooting solutions on Google to no avail.
Returned to laptop and it appears in device manager but fails to populate with data on drive size etc. Appears in disk management but again, no drive size etc., unable to assign drive designation.
Laptop is Windows 8 (not mine…), PC Windows 10.

OnePlus Data Recovery – Quadcomm Crashdump

Hi, I’m in Belfast, NI and I was wondering if you could help with some data recovery from my OnePlus6 smartphone? It was working as normal one day and then in the evening while it was charging it started switching on and off. Eventually ended up at ‘Quadcomm crashdump‘ as the error message. I managed to get it to recovery mode a few times and cleared the cache. Even got it on for 30 seconds one time and saw the data was still all there but then it crashed and I think OS is beyond operating now. I know I could reset the entire system but I’d lose the data which is the one thing I don’t want to do.
I’m just interested in getting pictures, videos and recorded audio files off it even if it means losing the phone if it has to be taken apart. I tried 2 repair shops in Belfast city centre but neither of them had any luck beyond what I had. I suspect the actual memory chip might need to be removed if you’re able to do that sort of thing? Many thanks for your time and help.

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January 10th, 2023 at 12:05 pm