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Why Free Data Recovery Software Is No Good

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avoidThe old adage is “buy cheap and you buy twice” meaning that if you decide to buy something that is cheap the first time, you’ll end up buying something more expensive to replace it because the cheap item you bought first time round doesn’t do the job.

Software that is offered for free is often unfinished or is someone’s pet project and is rarely road tested or complete. It may do one or two specific things well, but it will rarely do everything well. Worse still it may harm your system.

Free software will often have other software (sometimes malware) bundled with it. Sometimes the malware is what the writers of the software actually want installed on your machine and then data recovery software is just a shell that is used as a sweetener to persuade you to buy the software.

An fine example of when to avoid free software is when considering anti virus programs. If you are a Windows user then an anti virus program is essential. Virus writers know this and they frequently hijack av programs and infect them with their own new virus before uploading the code to the internet for people to download. Another area is free data recovery software. Writers know that people usually panic if they loose data and will go online to search for an anti virus program. Making a free data recovery program available that is also booby trapped with their malware or virus is also a great vehicle to get their software downloaded and infecting machines.

Avoid Free Software

Using av and data recovery software that actually costs money rather than being free is a good idea as it gives piece of mind and reassurance. You know that buy paying for the software you are supporting it’s writers, who will in turn continue to support their software, updating it freely and making sure it works correctly on the latest platforms.

Sometimes data recovery software won’t be able to help you retrieve data. This is when you need to contact the likes of a data recovery services company, examples are http://www.datlabs.co.uk, http://harddriveman.com/

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August 5th, 2015 at 2:10 pm

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