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Toshiba laptop and other problems

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Z830-1OT with a SSD that has failed. I have a lot of photos that are saved to the desktop. The laptop is totally dead, it will switch on but wont load past the front black screen with some white writing. Is this a device you can work with to potentially recover data from? Can you outline all costs i would need to pay too?

Rather than try and fix the problem myself I gathered up all my faulty equipment and sent it off too the hard drive experts at http://www.recover-deleted-data.co.uk/. I’ve listed some of the other problems and symptoms below.

When my phone has battery it constantly is rebooting on a continuous loop until the battery runs out, meaning I cannot access my phone. This happened after I downloaded the Qantas Entertainment app whilst on holiday. I have taken a fair few photos whilst on holiday and ideally I would like to obtain these back, as well as others that I had not yet backed up. Would it be possible to retrieve these photos?

Was dropped, hard drive comes up but says folders are empty when there not. Still connects and comes up on the computer but files won’t load. Samsung Hard drive, 1TB. Took a small drop whilst connected. Now not recognised by laptop and beeps/ticks briefly when connected.

I have a WD hdd drive (WD10TMVV)
The HDD is no longer recognize by computer.When attached, it spin for a while then become silent. i want to know the cost of data recovery for this device

I just got back from holiday and accidentally deleted half my photos from my Android phone’s internal memory (Samsung Galaxy J5). I read this can be recovered by rooting the device and then using data recovery software. I haven’t been able to root the phone. Could you let me know if you could do this and quote me a cost for the recovery. Please respond via email as I’m not using my phone where possible.

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January 10th, 2017 at 8:05 pm

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