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Encrypted RAID 1 Data required

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This post I look at recovering the data from encrypted hard drives.

Encrypted data2 x 250gb drives on a raid 1 mirror. Drives have been encrypted.
Can you recover, approx 50gb of data?

An encrypted Toshiba laptop hard drive that failed and has since been removed and replaced. It tries to start spinning but fails. I need to recover some documents and folders from it.

We have 2 drives that have failed in a specialist server. We believe it is a mechanical failure and was wondering if it is possible to clone the drive’s if we sent to you for analyses. I believe the disks were in a raid 1 array.

Laptop harddrive is recognised but i cannot get on to it, i have the recovery code but it just hangs on the bitlocker screen (obviously the data is encrypted). Would like to know likely costs for recovery. The hard drives stopped working suddenly, hard drives stores all my data. When I switch on pc recognises device but cannot access or open. If you can get me on the phone please can I have a number to call you? I’m often in appointments. I’d like to drop the device to the Liverpool centre

For more than a week, when I have plugged my external hard drive in my mac and no icon appears on my laptop. I do not remember that my hard drive fell or anything, there is no strange noise and the light still works when I plug it… I do not really understand why it is not working anymore.

My WD passport is not recognised by my Mac and makes a continuous clicking sound. Is there a way to repair the disk?
And if not, could the stored files be recovered with its original file names?

Hard drive not being detected and device is in warranty. would like to know whether i can claim the waranty.

I have two encrypted WD 1TB My Passport drives that are mirrored in a RAID 1 array which I use to back up my Macbook air and also store videos on an encrypted (file vault) partition for which I have the password. The drive has been intermittently having problems being recognised by my mac, and two days ago stopped being recognised at all. I did manage to restart in recovery mode and disk utility was able to see the drive but I didn’t have another drive to copy contents too so was not keen to mess with it. I still can’t access the drive and need to try to recover the data. Would really appreciate help with this.

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December 1st, 2017 at 4:31 pm

Twitter Takes Steps to Protect Tweets from Snooping

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Twitter logoTwitter has implemented new security measures that will make it much harder for anybody to eavesdrop on communications between its users and servers, which is calling on other Internet companies to follow its lead.

The firm has applied “perfect forward secrecy” on its Internet and mobile platforms, it said Fri. The technologies should allow it to be impossible for a business to eavesdrop on visitors nowadays and decrypt it at some time in the foreseeable future.

Facebook did not provide a reason behind the switch, however, it did connect to a blog post from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that implied the strategy be used as a means to halt the National Security Agency (NSA) or a different party from spying on Internet communications.

Obviously, much of whatever is sent over Twitter is destined to become public anyway, however, the service does help a direct message system between two clients that is concealed from public view.

In a blog post introducing the new safety, the company said it believes it “should be the newest normal for web service owners.”

At present, the encryption between a user and the server is based around a solution key used on the server. The data exchange is unable to be read, but nevertheless, it could be noted in its encrypted form. On account of the way the encryption works, it is feasible to decrypt the data at some time in the future if the server’s secret key actually be received.

With perfect forward secrecy, the data security is based on two shortlived secrets that can’t be later restored even with the understanding of the server key, so the data remains safe.

Because while security traffic is difficult to break with present computer technology, inventions in processing hardware and methods might make it less difficult to break in the future, it is an important principle.

It’s important to notice that as the technology safeguards against eavesdropping, it will not affect the ability of law enforcement agencies to get info from Twitter through conventional legal channels.

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November 26th, 2013 at 2:22 pm

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