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HD Seagate Barracuda 2TB
P/N: 9VT166-570
Installed on external HD unit GoFlex Home. Can’t access data. Unit is making intermittent noise. I have replaced the control board by a working one from an identical unit and it still won’t work. It suggests a mechanical issue with the hard drive. Is it still possible to recover the data? How much would it cost?

I lost the software file disc etc due to a burglary some years ago though the external hard drive was with me at the time. I now cannot recall the password but wish to put the data from the EHD (External Hard Drive) on a new laptop. Is there a way you can get the info off the EHD for me or find a way to access it?

Seagate logoPhone in effect ‘dead’ snowing no sign of life- was dropped on a hard surface with minimal damage to hardware…. Suggestive that a software malfunctions has taken place or maybe a screen failure…. Your the people who would know not me ahah. I would love to recover the data including pictures and videos hopefully you can help 🙂

I have a Seagate HDD from an old computer and when I try to browse the files, some directories do not load and hang for a long time. If I try to transfer the files it is really slow. It is a 500gb SATA Seagate. Please respond if you’re able to recover and I can bring it to you, I think I have a lot of irreplacable photos on there.

I’ve had an external hard drive for years now but failed to load a few years ago. It sounded like the disc inside failed to spin – this happened when the external hard drive was plugged into my laptop, then the laptop turned off due to dead battery, then restarted the laptop with the hard drive plugged in, then it failed to load ever since. Now I’m going to be honest, I have data on there that is private and confidential and don’t want anyone seeing, anything you can do to help?

I dropped my phone on my holiday in the water and it won’t turn on and it has 3 weeks worth of holiday pictures on it, is there anything you can do to retrieve these pictures and files to my other Iphone or fix that one?

Have a 3TB Seagate drive that i ran in my QNAP NAS that is now clicking and isnt showing as bootable or viewable. Would like to retrieve the data as i think it’s a mechanical fault with the arm. Could I get a quote on how much this would cost to retrieve this data? Could you please contact me via Email as I work during the day.

My macbook pro has a hardware error and will not boot up, I don’t have a current backup and would like to recover all my data from the hard drive before I send the laptop to apple for repair. I hope you can help!

Laptop froze and now won’t restart (Windows won’t load and run). Startup repair and system recovery/restore to an earlier point won’t work either. I need Seagate hard-drive recovery as a bare minimum (assume it won’t be corrupted) as I have no back-up, but preferably pc recovery too if it’s a software prob rather than a hardware prob. PC is a 5-6 year-old Acer laptop.

Seagate External Hard Drive had been working perfectly all day, at one point I accidentally dropped it from chest height as I was repositioning my Macbook, it continued to work perfectly for another 20mins after that but then suddenly stopped. Now when I connect it to my Mac, nothing shows up. The blue light illuminates on the External Hard Drive but that’s it, I am not able to access any of the data on it. Help!

My external hard drive’s connectors are broken but hard drive itself is okay. I was wondering if there would be a way to fix it?

Note: There’s a lot of Seagate hard drives that have broken – if the data on them is valuable to you (as in these examples) get yourself a good data recovery company (see this previous post: http://24hourcomputerrepairs.com/many-hard-drive-phone-problems/). If the data is of no value to you just buy another hard drive instead of trying to repair a faulty one.

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June 10th, 2017 at 9:57 am