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Revamped Seagate Page at Data Clinic

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Data Clinic Ltd, the British data recovery specialists have updated their Seagate data recovery page with quite  a significant amount of new information – see http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/seagate-data-recovery/

Over the last twelve months, Seagate have added extensively to their product lists and now offer hard drives built to suit particular needs such as NAS, server and CCTV hard drives. They’ve also gone heavily into the manufacture of SSD and hybrid drives – with many aimed at computer gamers.

Hard drives are often the Achilles Heel of many computer systems. Other components in computers can break, screens can fail, keyboards can stop typing and printers can fail. All these devices can be easily replaced but if there is an error with a hard drive then it’s the data on it that is at risk, data which if it hasn’t been backed up any where, or a data recovery company can’t retrieve, will be lost forever.


Written by Betty

July 22nd, 2015 at 1:04 pm