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My computer repair company was recently called out to a bicycle company in Bolton, Greater Manchester whose computer server had crashed. After inspecting the system we decided that the job was too complex for us attempt and instead we recommended the services of UK RAID experts Data Clinic.

Map of Greater ManchesterInitially it looked like there was one failed drive in the companies file server. The drive was in external unit comprising of 12 hard drives grouped together using RAID 5. This is the companies main file server which handles the files of some 15 or so staff arose two locations – Manchester and London. I think a power surge occurred as 3 machines in the office were visibly affected (we had to reboot them all) and the RAID server which crashed and wouldn’t boot up correctly from this point. Upon inspection, one of the hard drives in the system was offline and we though that this could be the reason why the server had gone offline. The IT team removed the drive to test it in PC & powers on & appears to try twice then powers down. At this stage would like to know rough / likely cost on recovery.

After diagnosis it’s clear that the disk obviously has a serious error. I define ‘serious’ as any error where the hard drive is no longer being detected by the computer. Hard drives in this condition do not have logical problems as logical problems do not prevent a hard drive being detected in the computer. It’s therefore a good a sensible idea to recognise that the hard drive has a serious problem that is beyond many companies abilities to repair. Allow yourself the best chance of data recovery and find a RAID recovery specialist like Data Clinic UK to retrieve the data, their RAID recovery services page is at http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/raid-data-recovery/. They have an office in Bury that covers Greater Manchester and includes Bolton. Opening hours are 8am through til 6pm and their phone number os 0161 761 0620.

Another issue I have with a broken hard drive is as follows: I dropped a ‘WD My Passport Ultra 2TB’ external hard drive and now there is a repetitive click sound when it is plugged into my laptop and it will not mount on my desktop. I’m interested in fixing the hard drive so that it will mount or recovering the data and moving it to a different hard drive. I would also classify this type of problem as being serious too. Recovering the data would likely involve taking the drive apart and removing the damaged parts before rebuilding the drive and hoping it all works again. Again this is something that my computer repair company would not attempt, and would rather leave to a skilled data recovery company.

Written by Betty

April 14th, 2016 at 11:42 am