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It seems that these days local search is everything – this applies to not only online shopping but also the services like data recovery and hard drive recovery. Search online for data recovery services using a search engine like Google and you’ll be shown results that are near to your location. But how good are these local data recovery services? As readers of my blog will be aware having an education and background in computer hard disk drives and recovering data from them I know a lot about the state of the data recovery industry in the UK.

Data Clinic's local data recovery centres in the UK.

Data Clinic’s local data recovery centres in the UK.

To my mind, there are two major data recovery companies that provide comprehensive hard drive recovery services in England. These are Data Clinic – http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/dataclinic-locations/ and Seagate (although they have an English address, you will need to send your hard drive to Amsterdam). Data Clinic’s set up is based around 8 main local data recovery hubs – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Northampton, with additional regional offices in Kent, Berkshire, the Thames Valley, Bristol, Cumbria, Cheshire, Hertfordshire, Ipswich, Nottinghamshire, Portsmouth and the West Midlands. These smaller regional hard drive recovery service centres act as micro centres and drop off / collection points and are usually located in local PC shops within the area. The larger Data Clinic data recovery centres then perform the hard drive repair and recovery work on the hard drives or RAID arrays.

Additionally Data Clinic provide a country wide call out service for RAID data recovery that provides a same day recovery service. This service is able to deal with almost any type of RAID failure on any type of RAID, whether its a RAID 5, RAID 10, RAID 60 or RAID 50. The RAID recovery service is also independent of manufacturer so IBM, Dell and HP servers are well catered for.

Seagate’s data recovery service works slightly differently, customers are asked to package their faulty hard drives up and send them to Seagate. Seagate’s data recovery staff then analyse the fault with the hard drive and provide customers with a price for the recovery. It’s then the customer’s choice if they wish to proceed or not.

So to summarise, Data Clinic’s regional data recovery service provide a great local hard drive recovery facility, while Seagate’s service does involve posting the hard drive.

Both Data Clinic and Seagate are leaders in data recovery and I would expect both to provide a top class service.

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July 21st, 2014 at 1:19 pm