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Latest Hard Drive and Phone Faults

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Water Spilt on Laptop

I spilt an almost full glass of water on my work’s laptop. It worked initially for a brief period, minus the display, but very quickly failed and now it won’t even turn on. Completely dead.
The laptop is owned by the company I work for and I have to take it to my company’s head office in Bedford tomorrow for them to attempt to recover the data, although I don’t hold out much hope. A lot of files I use are on the company’s SharePoint site which isn’t an issue as they are backed up, but I had a lot of recent files stored on my Desktop and a few in My Documents which weren’t backed up anywhere else.
My company is unlikely to fund any external data recovery at all (as I’ve found from asking other people who have had similar experiences within the company), so I would have to fund this myself. I’m supposed to be going on A/L on Friday and have absolutely no time to redo all the work I’ve lost, so I need to see whether me paying myself for external data recovery is affordable. Please could you give me an idea as to cost and the speed of recovery? Ideally I would need a 24 hour turnaround.

Can Not Connect To External Hard Drive

I cannot connect/see my external portable hard drive (WD 1tb) in my computer. It is flashing so it is doing something. My device manager is recognising it, just not the explorer. I recall dropping it from about knee high height to the floor, I suspect this may have damaged it.

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WD Elements Stopped Working

My WB elements 500GD stopped working and needs to be reset. I need, however, the data that is on the hard disk. How much would it cost to recover and would I be able to use the hard disk afterwards?

Faults on 2 Nokia Phones

I have two old Nokia phones that were both water damaged. Both have sentimental photos on them that unfortunately were not downloaded. Can they be retrieved. One phone completely dead, the other lights up when charged but unresponsive

Written by Betty

July 5th, 2016 at 1:27 pm