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Hard Drive Recovery Q & A

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Seagate Expansion hard disk driveThere follows a hard drive recovery question and answer post containing some of the questions I’ve received from my Recover Deleted Data data recovery site.

  • Help I need a hard drive recovery service: It’s a Seagate Expansion drive, which is still in warranty (July 2015). When connected to a laptop, it has power, but it doesn’t mount and the disks don’t spin. When first connected it makes short buzzing sounds for a few seconds and then stops.
    • A buzzing sound coming from a hard drive when it is powered up suggest to me that the hard drive has a serious problem. Either the motor that rotate the platters has seized, or (more likely) the hard drive has stiction. Stiction is where the read heads of the hard drive become stuck to the platter and prevent the hard drive from rotating. This is caused by static friction, thus the term “stiction”. Stiction can be difficult to deal with as it is essential to free the heads of the hard drive before the platter will start rotating again. This can destroy the heads of the hard drive meaning that new heads then have to be fitted to the hard drive before the data can be read. You can expect to pay between £500 and £800 for a data recovery service such as this.
  • Computer won’t recognise external hard drive. Western digital WD2500XMS-00. Looking to diagnose problem, and or recover data. Hard Drive spins up then makes a clunking sound. Sometimes it is recognised in Windows, but mostly not.The Hard Drive was used as an external drive and has no Operating System installed on it.
    • A clunking sound indicates that the hard drive has a mechanical fault, meaning that replacement parts are necessary before it will be possible to rescue the files from the drive. This is quite a severe hard drive fault and I recommend that you seek out a specialist data recovery company to recover the data for you. Don’t attempt to do this yourself, and steer well clear from computer shops in your town centre as they won’t have the experience or the tools necessary to perform this job.

These are just two problems with hard drives – there are of course many others, I chose these one’s as they are quite common. If you do have an issue with your hard drive have a look at the Recover Deleted Data web site as it does have some useful information and links to appropriate service providers.

Written by Betty

September 1st, 2016 at 12:05 pm