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Today I was asked:

My external hard drive (Seagte P/N 9SD2A2-500 S/N 2GH3Y02K) was not connecting to my computer as the USB connection in the drive had become loose. I tried to fix this by taking the cover off the drive, but in doing this, the USB connection point has come off totally. The rest of the hard drive is intact and the USB connection point is currently attached to the end of the USB cable. Is it possible to fix this to recover the data on the hard drive? If so, how much will this cost?

These hard drives have caused a number of similar problems all due to the USB connection port not being as stable as it should be. I’ve been inundated with queries like this from people with the same predicament.

My advice is to avoid soldering the connection yourself. Why? Because in doing so you’ll destroy the components located around the USB connection by the heat of the soldering gun. You need to special low temperature soldering station to perform this type of work correctly. To retrieve the data from a drive with this fault I advise you use a data recovery company.

USB connections actually on the motherboards of hard drives are quite new. They are a difficultly for data recovery companies also as a USB interface does not allow and low level firmware interactive like a SATA port does, and so, data recovery companies will usually have to substitute the USB interface for a SATA one just to be able to communicate with the hard drive.

For the costs of this type of data recovery, I estimate you’d get a decent service for between £350 and £500.

Written by Betty

May 17th, 2016 at 11:46 am