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Buffalo LinkStation hard disk drive photoI am from the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge and had been recommended by Nigel to contact you about data recovery from a HDD. In brief I have a Bufferlo DriveStation HD-LUX3 (3TB) and it had these symptoms leading me to believe that the partition table is corrupt with potential hardware problems.

1) can be powered on, disk spinning inside.

2) windows 10 initially can detect a USB device but partition is RAW

3) recovery software (e.g. TestDisk) can detect HDD with correct capacity (3000GB) and can initially detect the partition details with seemingly correct folder structure, but after trying to fix the partition, the partition data was subsequently lost and I don’t feel safe doing a deep scan if there are some deteriorating hardware problems.

Could you give me some quotes as to what levels of recovery this problem possibly needs? Furthermore how much would it cost for you to do an evaluation on the drive?

An example from London

Hard drive failure,came up as imminent failure and just reboots,all i need is my photo,s and documents nothing else,can be no more than 5gb.

The HDD was used in Media Player, it worked, but the Media Player might just been broken over time. I tried to connect it with a WD MyBook case, but when I plug it through USB in a Windows/ Linux/ MacOSx, it hears that it rotates inside, but no drive is available to access. It is a WD-Green 1TB, SATA / 64MB Cache, manufactured in 2010. Can you check it out/ potentially recommend a rack or case that I can use in order to access the files from it?

Western Digital Blue series hard driveOur hard disk has been damaged by a mobile phone being dropped into the laptop. The drive has been put into a docking station, but it makes a clicking noise& could not be read. I believe the mechanism is broken. Is there a way to get the data off it? We are based in London, England.

An example from Birmingham

Western Digital Green 2TB drive – fails to be detected in windows any longer. This is a secondary drive (not boot drive) with many personal files and photos which are not backed up, hence the importance for me. The drive was detected intermittently in the last 24 hours but I have been unable to copy many of the files already, with errors when i tried to copy many files at a time. I am close to some data recovery specialists and I live in Guildford, but work between Birmingham and Northamptonshire so it is important to know if you can make specific collection arrangements. Please confirm if you can assist, price, timescales and process. many thanks in advance.

Samsung Hard Disk Failure in Leeds

Leeds business with a Samsung S2 portable 500GB external hard-drive that was dropped on the floor and has since has malfunctioned.
When plugged in it makes a whirring sound up to speed then clicks, stops, and repeats the process. I suspect the internal arm to be misaligned or broken, but can’t be sure and am not willing to risk playing DIY technician with backup hard-drive. E-mail preferred as communication, phone signal here is fickle.

Written by Betty

August 3rd, 2016 at 10:31 am