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Hi does anyone have any data recovery tips for fixing and retrieving the data from these devices?
I used the blogs posts of the Data Recovery Tips web site (http://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/blog/) for information.

Laptop dropped and picked up and carried on being worked on ok until the machine was power cycled when it wouldn’t come on.
Removed and plugged hard drive into another machine mounted in a USB adapter. Lots of stuff was successfully copied (or seemed to be: 50 out of 10k files are known to be cropped/partially copied, though the rest were confirmed to be successfully copied).
This then stopped working after a few hours.
I’m looking for a quotation, (cost if successful recovery of majority of data, cost if no recovery), and information on data protection & privacy procedures due to the personal financial information etc stored on the machine.

Apple Macbook ProI have a seagate 500gb portable hard drive and it’s not working at all. It’s makes noises when plugged into the usb port but it can’t be read at all. I would like to know if you could recover the data on it and how much it would cost.

Connected with mini usb, will not work. Just need data off.

Original hard drive in a mid-2009 15″ MacBook Pro (250Gb) failed with computer not booting. Apple shop confirmed the hard drive failed. Drive spins with no obvious clicking noises and I’ve performed some preliminary runs using PhotoRec which is able to recover some files and reports some bad sectors. I’m looking for a rough idea of prices, timescales and what you require.

I use an apple time capsule to make recovery back ups of my MacBook Pro. For some reason it has become corrupted and I can no longer access any old backups even though the disk is full of info still. The sparse bundle is locked and cannot be mounted and I don’t seem to be able to repair it. Do you think you can recover the old backups…there is 2 ½ years worth of backups on it.

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