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CCTV Image Recovery from DVR systems

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DVR CCTV system

Recovering crime scene evidence from DVR CCTV systems is a skilled job.

Well, tonight is November 5th, which in the UK is a very auspicious day as it’s Guy Fawkes Night, commonly know as Fireworks Night.

It’s a celebration of an event that happened over 400 years ago in 1605 when a group of disgruntled Catholics tried to blow up King James I. The plot failed, and the perpetrators were all killed, in several nasty ways that we won’t go into. The plot was very nearly successful but was undone by an anonymous tip off sent several days before. Any my point to all this? Well I was just thinking that today the plot wouldn’t get that far as there is CCTV and DVR recording equipment everywhere.

You’d be surprised how often CCTV equipment is deliberately sabotaged by people who have committed criminal acts but fear they may have left traces of their wrong doing on CCTV recorders and been captured by the the surveillance cameras installed.

CCTV and DVR systems are often sent to CCTV and DVR image recovery companies as these firms are often specialists at recovering the data from damaged systems. Video evidence and photographic evidence can often be lost from a DVR for a number or reasons:

  • The data is overwritten – Most DVR recorders use a looping recording – ie. they only record the last 14 days or so and all new data overwrites the old data. This happens a lot and most of the time the image data is not recoverable as it’s been overwritten with more recent footage.
  • The DVR hard disk develops a problem – Hard disks are mechanical devices and as such their moving parts fail. When this happens the data is often recoverable but it’s frequently a specialist job.

Another thing to be aware of is if your CCTV cameras and DVR equipment has captured a criminal act taking place that you want to prosecute, it important to observe particular rules and a chain of custody. These ensure that if your case goes to court the evidence from the DVR CCTV system is admissible.


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November 5th, 2013 at 3:21 pm