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4 Ways Cyber Criminals Steal Your Data

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Stealing DataJust as technology has progressed, so have the techniques and ways of cyber criminals. These individuals have manufactured methods to extract personal and private information from one’s computer and use it to their own advantage. There are several techniques of data theft used by these cyber criminals in a bid to maximize their criminal activity. Let’s take a look at some of these methods.

Fast Flux
This is the idea of getting through to one’s computer with rapid (virtual) movement. It can be difficult to trace and this leads to a lot of issues for those who are on the receiving end of this malware.

With “Fast Flux”, the data is moved from one place to another within moments. Without proper attention, phishing sites and/or malware can take care of one’s computer and extract all that is required. It is important to keep a vigilant eye out for any such activity.

This is one of the most attributed technique to cyber criminals and has often been seen brought up by law enforcement. Skimmers are bent on gaining access to one specific piece of information and this one’s credit card information.

Devices are used by cyber criminals to keep tabs on the credit card information that is being passed through. The victim will never realize what occurred until the credit card has been used later on. This can be disconcerting and is on top of the methods used by cyber criminals.

What is done with the credit card information that has been retrieved? It is often used and/or sold online within the criminal community for further gains. This is one of the major reasons to always use one’s credit card with proven retailers. Any side business can often become victim to these sites (unknowingly) and lead all of their customers into a boatload of trouble.

The idea with this is to have a series of virtual bots that can spread malware onto a system. The malware conveniently gains access onto the computer through a website and/or program that has been installed. This malware will quickly start seeking out private information on the computer as  desired by the cyber criminal.

Malware is designed to do a range of things and this can often be based on what the cyber criminal requires. It is best to have the right anti-virus software installed on one’s computer in order to tackle these issues head on.

Social Engineering
This has recently started becoming a very popular tactic used by criminals in the virtual world. The idea is to get the individual to personally provide all of the information to the criminal with the use of manipulative, neatly placed tricks.

Phishing websites are often used for such tactics as they are effective for those who are not in the know. All it takes is a few victims for this technique to become a handy one to have up their sleeves.

Always be careful when using these websites and make sure they are reliable and safe. Information should only be shared with reputable websites that have a track record for protecting data.

Concluding Thoughts
These are are some of many proven ways and techniques used by the world’s most notorious cyber criminals to extract personal and private information for vulnerable individuals.

It is important to keep an eye on all activity that is being done on one’s computer, you can use expert companies such as Computer Science Labs and the like. Any slip up can lead to a lot of trouble and it has for many people. Law enforcement continues to tackle this issue head on, but the best preventative measure is always on an individual level at home.

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October 28th, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Posted in Computer Crime