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Hard Drive Recovery

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In this post I list some of the most popular hard drive recovery questions submitted to me over the last week:

mac hard drive recoveryMacBook Pro Laptop Hard Drive Failing. After reading your website I’m pretty sure it’s a mechanical fault, I can remember hearing a ticking noise. I dropped the laptop a couple of days before it failed.
I’ve had it checked by Apple and they confirmed that I’m going to need a new hard drive. Ideally I would want my pictures and documents recovered – not too fussed about the rest.

My Iphone 6 s has damaged and I need to recover data from it

I have a USB hard drive which has stopped working. All computers/laptops cannot recognize it. A day before, it was working perfectly fine. I am currently stressed because it contains university documents which I need by the end of the week.
Could you please help me as I am desperate.

I have deleted some messages on my phone which I need to retrieve. My phone is a Samsung s6 edge and I do not back up my phone. Is this something you might be able to recover. The messages were deleted on the 4th to the 7th March

External Seagate drive does not start up at power. Data copy to cloud.
Approximate copy price and the time required, if I deliver Drive myself?
Drive is new. New adaptor tried – no power up.

Are you able to replace my iphone 6 16GB flash drive for a larger one? I know this is a highly complex operation.

I have a 500Gb portable external Toshiba hard drive. it dropped onto a wood floor from a table, the case is undamaged but now have the dreaded clicking noise and cannot be read on a PC or Mac. I can drop it personally into the Lapworth, Solihull location on Friday afternoon as I will passing that way.

I’ve got a samsung note 2 which doesn’t recharge any more. I’ve tried changing the battery but that’s not working either but I desperately want the contacts and photos of it. Can you help me please.

My SSD (Kingston Technology 480GB Solid State Drive V300 SATA 3) has totally ceased being detected. the drive had been reporting 1% life in SMART checks basically since it was new, which I foolishly ignored. There’s about 4 months of music data I’d love to get back. Any hope for me? can you speculate a price range if there is?

LG G4 – suddenly won’t turn on. Tried all available methods of recovering the data myself but cannot get anything to see the phone. I need to get EVERYTHING that was on the phone.

I have a faulty 128GB Kingston V-Series SSD Hard Drive that needs data recovered. I am not sure about the exact size of the data, but it is somewhere in the region of 1000 “.doc/.docx” files, probably somewhere around 5-10GB of data.
Could you provide an approximate quote for this recovery?
Also, from your experience do you know if data can get corrupted during the recovery process?

I have a customer with a WD10JMVW External Hdd. It looks to have a failed PCB. It looks to fail the initilisation, just ticks a few times and then stops.
I am near your Lombard office on friday, is there any chance on getting a quote for me to drop it off please?

The light on the WD hard drive is blinking sounds like the disk is spinning inside & can’t see the drive on the laptop

We have a QNAP TS-412U with x4 Seagate Barracuda 3TB drives, set up as Raid 5. Three of the drives have failed, detailed below:
Drive 0 – Bad blocks
Drive 1 – Bsy NO ID, needs heads
Drive 2 – Bsy NO ID, needs heads
Drive 3 – Perfect, nothing wrong with it
Are you able to provide a quote to retrieve the data and potentially replace the drives please?

My hard drive has been dropped and is making a ticking noise.
I cannot access any information.
LG 2.5” External HDD HXD2 320GB
How can I send this to you for you to try to repair or at least retrieve the data?

I have a Freecom Classic SL 160Gb external hard disk (manufacture year 2005).
This has been faulty for some time and now requiring file recovery (or attempt too). It initially started with clicking when trying to spool or get up to speed and eventually fully stopped when I tried to backup the files (it may have over heated).
With power attached there is no activity or attempt to do anything. Neither does it show when laptop connected.
I had tried a local repair centre maybe a year back who took a look but said it would require sending off to a specialist (I presume they just tried with an external caddy) for data recovery.
I’m based in Bracknell, Berkshire, so ideally would like to have someone local.

Written by Betty

March 28th, 2017 at 10:01 am

Datlabs for hard drive recoveries

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I have 2 N0 ex hard drives which are faulty. having used them for recording progs I am unable to playback the recordings.
It would be a blessing if these could be recovered then have them both put back to proper working order.
Perhaps you can e-mail me with details of a good data recovery service and address where to send them.

Recently my laptop just won’t boot and I keep getting an error code, I have tried my best to try and solve the issue however it just didn’t work. My final step is to reinstall windows again but that would mean all the data would be gone. Therefore is it possible to recover the data within the hard drive first so that I can get some old photos and some coursework that I didn’t back onto the cloud.

Hard Drive was dropped from about 10cm from the floor. Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 3tb. Makes buzzing noise for about 10 seconds after plugging into Laptop then it runs perfectly fine. Although my Macbook Pro (Mid 15′ 2.2 GHz 1.7 Intel) is not reading the hard drive on finder and also on disk utility. I want to transfer all the data on the Seagate Back Plus to my Seagate Expansion 4tb.

My seagate 1tb external hard drive , which is only 9 months old, has failed me. And with it have gone all my photos of my son. I have been told it is a mechanical failure so I need to find somebody qualified to do this type of retrieval of data. I see that you do , and you specialise in seagate. Please can you advise what cost I am looking at and how to go about getting it repaired ?

The drive is a Samsung M3 portable 1 TB external hard drive. I was working on it over the weekend when it crashed and then just stopped being recognised by the computer. When I plug it in the light still comes on and it comes up in devices and printers but doesn’t show in my computer and I can’t access the files.

Purchased from BT as 1 of 4 drives in a Buffalo external hard drive. The menu indicated a fault, this drive clicks. I would like the drive repaired if possible with data restored.

I accidentally deleted a phone recording on my storm k phone. Need it for work. Any chance of recovery? I was using total recall software app.

please help me! i dropped my laptop and now it goes to reboot page and hard drive makes a noise! i need the data 🙁

A broken desktop computer had a internal harddrive: a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 360GB SATA harddrive. After removal I attempted to read it externally via a SATA usb cable but I was unsuccessful: Windows said the device had 0gb and told me to ‘insert a disk’ when trying to read it, even though I could see it in devices. It either had insufficient power or I was doing something wrong. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to read the data (either if there is any hardware that can read it). If you offer services, can I ask for a estimated cost please. Thanks for any help in advance.

I dropped my iPhone 7 and it turned off, it wont come back on and I haven’t backed it up for 3 months! Could you recover the data?

I have an 256GB 850EVO SSD that I used to boot Windows 10. This has randomly stopped being recognised by the mainboard. I can’t see this drive in the BIOS. I have tried using different data and power cables and trying different ports on the motherboard.

Written by Betty

March 10th, 2017 at 2:28 pm

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