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Data Clinic’s Local Data Recovery Offices

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The people at Data Clinic were kind enough to recently  restore the data from an external hard drive of mine that I’d dropped. Rather that charge me for their work they asked me to write a blog post about their local data recovery offices, so what I’ve done is to contact each Data Clinic office and ask them for some locally submitted questions about hard drive recovery. I’ve picked one per office so you can read typical questions about the types of faults people have on hard drives and phones.


External hard drive (Seagate Backup Slim Plus 2TB) dropped. Beeping sound audible when plugged into USB port. However, device not recognised by disk management. Tried different cables and PCs. I want to retrieve the data from the drive. Would like a data recovery quote and noticed you are based in Liverpool. I travel daily into the centre of Liverpool from Aigburth, (i actually live on Aigburth Road) so it’s quite convenient.

Bury, Manchester

I think someone has either dropped or pulled out my hard drive without ejecting properly. I thing its a mechanical failure as when plugged in it makes a buzzing noise then does nothing. I have tried it in several computers and no have recognised them. I am based in Wythenshawe in Manchester and can drive to your offices in Bury Manchester could you take a look at my hard drive while I wait?


WD 3TB hard drive, dropped, drive engages, lights active. Does not connect to computer or appear in device manager. Seeking quote for repair, however most likely I see you have a data recovery lab in Sheffield (http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-sheffield/), so therefore seeking clarification of costs and process? Assuming own replacement hard drive will need to be purchased before recovery can occur. I can all in at your Sheffield office tomorrow and leave the hard disk with you. I am in Chesterfield an know where the Portergate is so it should only take me about 20 minutes to get there.


Hard drive in my MacBook Pro (c.2012) stopped working (Grey screen with flashing file with ? in it). Had the hard drive replaced, but then technician had a problem transferring data from my old hard drive to the new one. I took it to another technician and he couldn’t access the data. I think both places have clicked on ‘repair drive’ and there haven’t seemed to be any problems with the hard drive itself, but I still cannot access the data. Could you have a look at the hard drive and see if you can access the data and transfer it to my computer’s new hard drive? I have so many photos/videos that mean a lot to me on that hard drive and I would love them back. I am near your Lombard store in London and can drop the hard drive in to you around 5.45 this evening? I am intending to catch the Tube to Bank and then proceed to Lombard Street on foot.

London 2
I have a fairly old WD external drive which has stopped connecting to my computer. I have tried it on a number of computers and with a number of USB cables but it is still not being recognised. I work near London Bridge not far from your Lombard Street Recovery Office.


Hard drive contained/s over 33k of music files, photos, software and more. Drive was recently disconnected from my PC (Windows XP, SP3) and connected to a TV to watch a large movie file. Upon reconnection to the PC, the hard drive fails to appear upon connection and displays no files. I have tried to use ‘EaseUS Data Recovery‘ software, but my PC lacks processing power and raised a .virtual memory’ issue before halting the recovery process. I need a quote and timeline for diagnostics and recovery support…
I sent the drive away to be recovered, but where my home PC found 5 million files/data packets, the company found 80k, and the majority of them were unknown file formats. I asked the company not to complete an extraction as I was told to contact your data recovery centre in Northampton</>. Is it in the centre of Northampton? I am quite close on Moulton and also drive to Kettering too.
I am waiting for the drive to be returned from Wales, do you think you can help? I am keen to recover the music and the photos/memories.


My laptop hard drive broke down and has since been fixed, however I have lost all of the data and would like it to be restored. As my son lives in Sparkhill I took it a Birmingham data recovery company who reported “Unfortunately on this occasion it has not been possible to recover data from the failed hard disk drive. Today the HDD was opened and the platters were examined. There is obvious physical damage to the platter.”


Deleted all photos from Samsung Galaxy (thought they were all backed up on google cloud but they weren’t). I haven’t take any new photos since so I’m hoping I will still be able to recover them? Also, my iphone frezeed after I switched it off start getting very hot after 30min cooled down, since that is dead. Apple said thay can replace the phone but I will loose all my pictures and videos is any chance to retrive all my data about 45GB. I live in Edinburgh’s Exchange district but work near your hard drive recovery centre in Glasgow – is it ok for me to call in? If so, what time do your Woodside Place offices open?


On Mon 19 Sep, factory data reset was accidently invoked on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (64 GB) and when restarted I had lost all my data including Photos. Using online available tools I attempted self recovery of files but can only get my list of Contacts back. My phone is unlocked and rooted with SuperSU. Developer Options set to ON and USB debugging is selected.
Phone Details:
Model: Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge 64GMy phone is unlocked and rooted with SuperSU. Developer Options set to ON and USB debugging is selected.
Phone Details:
Model: Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge (64GB)
Model Number: SM-G925V
Android Version: 5.0.2
Build No. LRX22G.G295VVRU1AOC3
Network: EE
I wish to recover as many family photos/videos as possible from the phone. I live quite locally in Pudsey, West Yorkshire and if I get the phone to your Leeds data recovery office on Gelderd Road would you be able to look at it and retrieve the data for me please?

Written by Betty

September 26th, 2016 at 9:46 am

Manchester Mortgage / Hard Drive Broker Service

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Recently we received an interesting hard drive recovery enquiry from Alice who works for a well known Manchester finance / broker advisor. She was in a bit of a panic as her computer had developed a problem and her files (that contained a lot of information about how to get a mortgage in Manchester) were no longer visible. These file were Alice’s work so it was vitally important that we got them back for her.

Additionally, most of Alice’s life was contained on this hard disk and before she sent it in to us for recovery she want assurance that we’d be able to rescue her files. Alice had recently taken out a large mortgage and as the broker had provided such as good service to her she also wanted to pass the details of this company along to her friends and colleagues. This information was also saved to her hard drive. We collected the computer from her home.

After assessing the problem (we diagnosed the computer as having a hard disk fault as described on http://computersciencelabs.com/hard_drive_bad_sectors), we were able to tell Alice we were confident and assured her that her life was safe and we would be able to complete the recovery of her files.

The file recovery took the best part of two days to complete and after this her mortgage information files were accessible again. We had been successful in recovering her information and her job and life were now assured.

I asked Alice what was more difficult, getting a mortgage or getting data off of a broken hard drive. She assured me that getting a mortgage doesn’t need to be all that difficult, you just need to find a decent mortgage advisor or broker. There are several of these in Manchester, including the firm that I’ve linked to high up this in this article. Like getting a mortgage, hard drive recovery doesn’t need to be difficult either, but it can be if you choose the wrong company to use. Computer Science Labs were able to retrieve Alice’s mortgage files but this may not have been true if we’d have taken her computer somewhere else to have the contents recovered.

So whether you are looking for a mortgage or hard drive recovery in the manchester region always make sure you choose a good a reputable suppler who is assured to complete the job.

Written by Betty

September 12th, 2016 at 11:38 am

Hard Drive Recovery Q & A

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Seagate Expansion hard disk driveThere follows a hard drive recovery question and answer post containing some of the questions I’ve received from my Recover Deleted Data data recovery site.

  • Help I need a hard drive recovery service: It’s a Seagate Expansion drive, which is still in warranty (July 2015). When connected to a laptop, it has power, but it doesn’t mount and the disks don’t spin. When first connected it makes short buzzing sounds for a few seconds and then stops.
    • A buzzing sound coming from a hard drive when it is powered up suggest to me that the hard drive has a serious problem. Either the motor that rotate the platters has seized, or (more likely) the hard drive has stiction. Stiction is where the read heads of the hard drive become stuck to the platter and prevent the hard drive from rotating. This is caused by static friction, thus the term “stiction”. Stiction can be difficult to deal with as it is essential to free the heads of the hard drive before the platter will start rotating again. This can destroy the heads of the hard drive meaning that new heads then have to be fitted to the hard drive before the data can be read. You can expect to pay between £500 and £800 for a data recovery service such as this.
  • Computer won’t recognise external hard drive. Western digital WD2500XMS-00. Looking to diagnose problem, and or recover data. Hard Drive spins up then makes a clunking sound. Sometimes it is recognised in Windows, but mostly not.The Hard Drive was used as an external drive and has no Operating System installed on it.
    • A clunking sound indicates that the hard drive has a mechanical fault, meaning that replacement parts are necessary before it will be possible to rescue the files from the drive. This is quite a severe hard drive fault and I recommend that you seek out a specialist data recovery company to recover the data for you. Don’t attempt to do this yourself, and steer well clear from computer shops in your town centre as they won’t have the experience or the tools necessary to perform this job.

These are just two problems with hard drives – there are of course many others, I chose these one’s as they are quite common. If you do have an issue with your hard drive have a look at the Recover Deleted Data web site as it does have some useful information and links to appropriate service providers.

Written by Betty

September 1st, 2016 at 12:05 pm