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Data Recovery in Kent

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UK hard drive recovery company Data Clinic Ltd have added several points of presence to their UK based data recovery operation.

With several new data recovery offices their hard drive capabilities in the county of Kent are now significantly strengthened.

For further information visit http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-and-hard-drive-recovery-kent/

As everyone knows there are various types of hard drive failure. Data Clinic Ltd can recover data from most of them.

Written by Betty

April 22nd, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Search Phrases Continually Astound Me

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I’ve just been looking at the some server logs for a hard drive repair / data recovery company I write for. These logs contain lots of useful information about the web site, such as the pages people visit, the time they spend on the web site and how they found the web site in the first place. Now a typical aged web site will contain lots of legacy pages – pages that were once relevant but have over time become less so, but rather than being removed have been kept on the site because they still have some relevance.

Even though the pages have been virtually forgotten about by web admins, search engines still remember them and continue to point people to them. Some of the more way out search terms typed include:

what is an interface crc error? 1 2.5 %
hdd g-list 1 2.5 %
raid 3 parity byte calculation 1 2.5 %
advantages of a external portable hard drive 1 2.5 %
external hard drive recovery shops south london 1 2.5 %
disadvantage of external hard drive 1 2.5 %
data recovery glasgow scotland 1 2.5 %
external hard drive barracuda 1 2.5 %
raid 6 parity calculation algorithm 1 2.5 %
retrieve data from external hard drive bolton 1 2.5 %
uk hard drive bios swap 1 2.5 %
hdd problem on a laptop 1 2.5 %
advantages of external data 1 2.5 %
hard disk access without password 1 2.5 %
disadvantages of a hard disk 1 2.5 %
disadvantages of portable hard disk 1 2.5 %
external hard drive advantages 1 2.5 %
toshiba hard drive regular tapping noise 1 2.5 %
data recovery glasgow 1 2.5 %
what is hard disks and the advantages and the disadvantages? 1 2.5 %
ata commands password protect drive 1 2.5 %
hard drive disadvantages 1 2.5 %
disadvantage of hard disks

Written by Betty

April 2nd, 2014 at 10:08 am