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4 Ways Cyber Criminals Steal Your Data

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Stealing DataJust as technology has progressed, so have the techniques and ways of cyber criminals. These individuals have manufactured methods to extract personal and private information from one’s computer and use it to their own advantage. There are several techniques of data theft used by these cyber criminals in a bid to maximize their criminal activity. Let’s take a look at some of these methods.

Fast Flux
This is the idea of getting through to one’s computer with rapid (virtual) movement. It can be difficult to trace and this leads to a lot of issues for those who are on the receiving end of this malware.

With “Fast Flux”, the data is moved from one place to another within moments. Without proper attention, phishing sites and/or malware can take care of one’s computer and extract all that is required. It is important to keep a vigilant eye out for any such activity.

This is one of the most attributed technique to cyber criminals and has often been seen brought up by law enforcement. Skimmers are bent on gaining access to one specific piece of information and this one’s credit card information.

Devices are used by cyber criminals to keep tabs on the credit card information that is being passed through. The victim will never realize what occurred until the credit card has been used later on. This can be disconcerting and is on top of the methods used by cyber criminals.

What is done with the credit card information that has been retrieved? It is often used and/or sold online within the criminal community for further gains. This is one of the major reasons to always use one’s credit card with proven retailers. Any side business can often become victim to these sites (unknowingly) and lead all of their customers into a boatload of trouble.

The idea with this is to have a series of virtual bots that can spread malware onto a system. The malware conveniently gains access onto the computer through a website and/or program that has been installed. This malware will quickly start seeking out private information on the computer asĀ  desired by the cyber criminal.

Malware is designed to do a range of things and this can often be based on what the cyber criminal requires. It is best to have the right anti-virus software installed on one’s computer in order to tackle these issues head on.

Social Engineering
This has recently started becoming a very popular tactic used by criminals in the virtual world. The idea is to get the individual to personally provide all of the information to the criminal with the use of manipulative, neatly placed tricks.

Phishing websites are often used for such tactics as they are effective for those who are not in the know. All it takes is a few victims for this technique to become a handy one to have up their sleeves.

Always be careful when using these websites and make sure they are reliable and safe. Information should only be shared with reputable websites that have a track record for protecting data.

Concluding Thoughts
These are are some of many proven ways and techniques used by the world’s most notorious cyber criminals to extract personal and private information for vulnerable individuals.

It is important to keep an eye on all activity that is being done on one’s computer, you can use expert companies such as Computer Science Labs and the like. Any slip up can lead to a lot of trouble and it has for many people. Law enforcement continues to tackle this issue head on, but the best preventative measure is always on an individual level at home.

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October 28th, 2013 at 1:29 pm

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USA / Germany in Row Over Phone Hacking

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obama-merkelGermany has summoned the US ambassador in Berlin around claims the US monitored German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone.

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle will meet US envoy John Emerson after in what is viewed as an unusual measure between close friends.

However, it left open the question of whether calls were listened to formerly.

French President Francois Hollande had already called for the issue to be put in the plan of the summit, where EU leaders are expected to discuss Europe’s digital economy, economic recovery and immigration.

‘Completely unacceptable’
The German government hasn’t said how it received the trick about the alleged US spying. But news magazine Der Spiegel, which has printed stories predicated on content from former CIA contractor Edward Snowden, said the advice had come from its investigations.
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Press review

Germany’s Berliner Zeitung regrets that “just now does the government appear to actually understand what it is occurring”

The New York Times worries that there is mounting damage to “core American relationships”

Press aghast at latest US spying claims
State-observation of phone calls has a special resonance in Germany – Mrs Merkel herself grew up in East Germany, where phone-tap was pervasive.

Her spokesman said the German leader “views such practices… as entirely unacceptable” and had demanded a “complete and comprehensive explanation”.

“Among close friends in addition to partners, while the Federal Republic of Germany and additionally the US have been for decades, there ought to be no such observation of the communications of the head of government,” said Steffen Seibert in a statement.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the US “is not tracking and will not trail the communications of the chancellor”.

German ministers’ phones have purportedly been protected using technology from security company Secusmart since 2009. Secusmart said in March that German government officials could be issued with new, highlysecured technology made for Blackberry mobile phones.

A German information technology master told the BBC that security services for lots of countries could have intercepted the chancellor’s calls before she had complete encryption.

Numerous US friends have expressed fury over the Snowden-based spying allegations.

Veteran French European Commissioner Michel Barnier told the BBC on Thursday that “enough is enough”, and that trust within the US was shaken.

‘No business as usual’
Germany’s press echoed a feeling of indignation, with a frontpage comments Sueddeutscher Zeitung – 1 of the country’s most respected newspapers – referring to the “greatest potential affront”.

German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere said it would be impossible to come back to business as usual. That is much more than a tiff that’ll blow over easily, the BBC’s Stephen Evans reports from Berlin.

President Obama had assured Chancellor Merkel in June that German citizens were not being usually spied upon.

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October 24th, 2013 at 1:20 pm

PRISM and YOUR data security

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Picture of Edward Snowdenhttp://data-recovery-tips.co.uk/data-security-prism/

Have you heard of PRISM lately? Do you know what it is ?

Edward Snowden… Have you heard of him ?

Something to do with whistle-blowing about data security right? Yep….

If you’re anything like me there so much information about these days that you just selectively filter what you take notice of. Sometimes the important things go un-noticed. I suggest that to a large part of the UK population one of those things is PRISM.

What is it? In two words it’s a snooper’s charter. It gives license to involved parties to look through your data, if it’s held in the US.

Now perhaps you think you don’t have any data stored in America? Well… what about the online cloud backup you have that keeps your valuable data safe should your computer crash?? If that cloud data is stored anywhere with US jurisdiction then your data can be looked through legally…

Now what about the companies who you deal with.. Where is their data stored? Is it in the US? If it is then same thing… your data can be read thought about.. Legally.

It’s the world we live in.

Written by Betty

October 15th, 2013 at 11:30 am

Don’t Succumb to Online Identity Theft!

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Identity theft is a cyber crimeIt is often been stated that imitation could be the sincerest form of flattery. This can be accurate when talking about clothes, dwellings or vehicles however as it pertains to getting your individuality stolen, it is a quite different narrative.

Safeguarding your own personal information is very significant and there are several things that you are able to do in order to assist in preventing identity theft and cyber criminals from targetting you personally.

Prevent Getting Scammed
You have likely noticed the expression “If something seems too wonderful to be accurate, it probably is.” You’ll find certain people who attempt to wrongly get info from you by suggesting you’ve won a competition and all-they require to deposit your money prize is bank-account number, charge card info and address. You shouldn’t provide these figures to anybody – whether it is within the web or in the phone, and definitely never to anyone you really do not trust. These cyber-criminals will frequently provide lure like money prizes and free vacation as they attempt to catch info about you – in-fact this is the place where the expression “phishing” originates from. They’ll contact you by telephone or e-mail informing you your individual account is going to expire and they want you to really update your info. Don’t take the lure – don’t react to these e-mails or calls, like you do you may probably be providing your particulars to these cyber-criminals.

You ought to promptly forward these phony emails to your own financial institution, lender, and regulators, before removing them. In Addition, ensure you use an excellent antispyware application on your personal computer to shield you from rouge popups, e-mails and malicious software that seek to collect your private info. Ensure that your antivirus and antimalware applications are set to mechanically update so that you get the most recent shielding that stops infections and hackers from accessing your pc.

Hold Your Confidential Files Personal
An excellent notion would be to repeat your entire lawful and private info and save it in both a bank safety-deposit box or perhaps a document at home. Maintain the advice that you take to the very least in case your bag or wallet is taken. Never bring your birth certificate, passport, or driving license on you unless completely needed, and not depart from your bag or wallet inside your car for thieves to grab.

Charge card purchases, bank statements, phone charges and repayment histories must even be shredded.

Place your own credit card bills inside your own wallet rather than inside your shopping tote. Additionally never toss receipts in the trash can. As they seek out methods to take your info robbers will frequently sort through your junk.

Frequently Track Your Credit History
Be conscious of your own credit history and assess it. Discover whether you’ll find any credit or debit cards in your statement that you didn’t authorise. Seek out any unexpected purchases and should you discover any record them all to regulators.

Produce passwords which have figures and characters and also would be challenging for anybody to figure. Don’t take a list beside you in your handbag or wallet. Retain the code words in a secure location at house. Memorise the code words. Your lender too can issue another phrase or password to gain access to your accounts.

Avoidance Is The Crucial Thing!
The likelihood of you getting one are considerably decreased by obeying the recommendations above, though there aren’t any guarantees you won’t be an id theft victim. Permit no-one to take your personal information.

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October 8th, 2013 at 7:28 pm

RAID / Server Assistance in London

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London Server and RAID recovery 0207 293 0815There is only one business to call in case you need a recovery service on a broken RAID or server. We understand every sort of RAID configuration, which mean we can recover data from just about any form of RAID problem. It does not matter how complicated your RAID server could be, we can get your data back.

Our recovery procedures make sure your data is kept safe – once your system has arrived and been reserved in your hard drives are imaged – this means we make copies of these. We only work on the copies, the original drives are left unaffected.

The speed of the recovery is determined by you – we offer an emergency service that recovers your data when possible – this means that where necessary we work through the night or over the weekends in order to really get your own data back to you personally as fast as possible minimizing the impact in your business. For further information about our RAID data recovery service please call us on 0207 293 0815 (UK), or +44-207-293-0815 international.

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October 1st, 2013 at 2:07 pm